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L'oeil de Nicolas Goyard
Posted On:  25/06/2014 18:48:47

In the Goyard family, we know Thomas as one of the best French RS: X sailors and now Nicolas, his younger brother, has just won the title of IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion in Rosas in Spain with a perfect score.
"We arrived 4 days before the championship to train.  The Tramontane makes for interesting starts and buoy rounding.  I didn't know my competitors but on the training day the race committee launched starts every 5 minutes and I could see that I had a very good speed, even compared to the Masters, and I was pretty good compared to the rest of the competition.  This somewhat reassured me even if we had not had actual confrontations on the water.

"The first 2 days we didn't race but on the third day the Tramontane strengthened to 12-13knots. The race committee made the best of the conditions and it went well for me in the end!

"I was aiming for the top places but I was still surprised at the outcome with three victories in three races sailed. I was relaxed on the water, I had a good speed, I did not make any mistakes and that's it!

"As the wind was rather light, I think that my background in RS: X helped me and allowed me to have a speed a notch above the others. I also took good clean starts every time.

"Even after this, at my level, I still did not want to devote myself exclusively to slalom.  I will continue in both disciplines knowing that each brings a lot to the other until the day I have to make a choice.  I will also have to defend my title next year!

A big thank you to my partners Loft Sails and Diesel with equipment that has been really crucial in the quest for the world title ... "

- Windsurf Journal - 25/06/2014

Source : Nicolas Goyard
Photos : Jose Pina/GEN Roses

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