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Posted On:  07/02/2016 14:08:22

Jason Polakow has become the first windsurfer to ride the big wave of Nazare, in Portugal.  The Australian wave sailor has finally fulfilled his longtime dream of riding a windsurf board on the monstrous liquid cliffs of Praia do Norte, the spot usually reserved for surfing, bodyboarding and, more recently, skimboarding.

Polakow rode 43-foot waves (13 meters) after carefully studying and preparing the adventure in the last 12 months.......( more )
Posted On:  01/12/2015 12:24:05

The EFPT in Six Fours crowned Amado Vrieswijk as the 2015 European freestyle Champion.  Here's the final video, ready to be watched and shared!  Hope you guys like it.  All the best from Six Fours and see ya next year!

Posted On:  21/11/2015 17:56:49

The horn of the first heat of the double elimination here at the European Freestyle Expression in Six Fours les Plages went off around 12.00am. The forecasted wind filled in even faster than the day before and delivered suitable conditions for excellent competition on the last day of the European Freestyle Expression in the South of France.......( more )

Posted On:  22/10/2015 15:46:02

Everything is still possible in the relentless fight for the European Freestyle Champion title 2015: only 7 days are left until the final stage of the European Freestyle Championship (EFPT) will take place in Six Fours les Plages from October 29th through November 1st 2015. If the wind kicks in, this last event could turn out to be a very exciting final!......( more )

Posted On:  13/09/2015 18:15:20

The WATERZ 2015 IFCA JUNIOR & YOUTH FREESTYLE/WAVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP has come to an end.  Congratulations to Amado Vrieswijk (NB-20), 2015 IFCA Youth Freestyle World Champion, to Mats Moyson the 2015 IFCA Junior Freestyle Champion and also to all the other competitors who took part with such enthusiasm.......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2015 16:27:20

Not enough wind for competition on day one but plenty of opportunity for short interviews with Marcus Soennichsen, Amado Vrieswijk and Henri Kolberg.

wwww.waterz.dk / ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com

Posted On:  08/09/2015 13:33:32

One to watch!  WATERZ Freestyle Session at West Wind Bork - Tonky Frans, Davy Scheffers and Amado Vrieswijk

Posted On:  07/09/2015 11:11:41

The inscription for the WATERZ 2015 IFCA JUNIOR & YOUTH FREESTYLE/WAVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP took place from 10am to 17pm followed by a demo and training session with the guest pro riders Tonky Frans and Davy Sheffers in the late afternoon.......( more )

Posted On:  13/08/2015 14:35:55

The Waterz 2015 IFCA Junior & Youth Freestyle/Wave World Championship 2015 will take place in Hvide Sande, Denmark. Hvide Sande will welcome the future windsurfing stars from the 6th to 12th September 2015.......( more )

Posted On:  13/08/2015 13:40:06

Attention, competitors! We have to inform you that the Windsurfing Euro-Cup in Izmir (Turkey) is cancelled.......( more )

Posted On:  09/08/2015 11:50:30

A slow start on the first competition day with the skippers meeting held at 10am. The forecast predicted thermal winds around noon time, but the wind slowly started to blow from the right direction late in the afternoon.......( more )

Posted On:  26/07/2015 19:49:37

Volvo Surf Cup thrills 120,000 spectators on Sylt.

After five days the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt (Germany) came to an end. A total of over 120,000 spectators experienced spectacular races at the IFCA Slalom World Championship 2015. With over 90 competitors from 17 different nations a new participation record was set.......( more )

Posted On:  26/07/2015 16:27:15

No racing on the fourth day as unstable winds and teasing forecasts caused continuous postponements until late in the afternoon. A storm warning put an end to all prospects of any beach activities.  Thus wind and waves greeted competitors on the last competition day here at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship following the storm.  Perfect conditions for the National Wave event running for the German wave competitors but no good for slalom!......( more )

Volvo Surf Cup IFCA Slalom Worlds 2015
Posted On:  26/07/2015 10:38:11

Day 4 "The Silence before the storm" - Words from Sebastien Kornum and Lena Erdil at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom Worlds Championships

Volvo Surf Cup IFCA Slalom Worlds 2015
Posted On:  24/07/2015 20:39:39
Posted On:  23/07/2015 22:14:12

Racing continues at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships at
Sylt, Westerland, Germany. A bright sunny day with the skippers meeting held at 09:30.......( more )

Posted On:  23/07/2015 18:10:19

The IFCA Slalom World Championships are currently running at the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt. Almost 90 competitors from 17 different nations travelled to Germany's most famous island for the most important slalom regatta of the year. Among them is also a great fleet of 10 women.......( more )

Posted On:  23/07/2015 08:28:57

A summery day welcomed the competitors and visitors on the first racing day with wind readings of 8 to 13 knots, weather partly cloudy with temperatures around the 16-18 co. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/07/2015 09:07:36

A busy day of preparation and training as competitors eagerly anticipate the official start of The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.  With registration completed the numbers are:

17 Nations / 2 Continents / Total Participants 78 men and 10 girls (88)......( more )

Posted On:  20/07/2015 21:17:56

The Day before the registration day and the Sun is out smiling and all looks ready and set for the Volvo Surf Cup | 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.......( more )

Posted On:  17/07/2015 21:39:01

The highlight of this years windsurfing season will start this coming wednesday on Sylt. The IFCA Slalom World Championships 2015 will take place within the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt.......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2015 20:16:17

The AGM will be held on Thursday 23rd July 2015 during the world championships on Sylt, Germany. The details regarding exact location and time of the meeting will be published on the event ONB. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/07/2015 21:10:48

Croatia has been attributed as the pearl of the Mediterranean by numerous tourists, who are enjoying its natural beauties year after year. With more than 1000 islands Croatia offers a lot of opportunities for active vacation and sport as well.......( more )

Posted On:  10/07/2015 08:51:05

The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships will take place in Westerland, Sylt (Germany) from July 22nd to 26th 2015. The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) have signed a contract with the Choppy Water GmbH as local organizing authority. The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships will be the sportive highlight of the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 which is one of the biggest funsport events in Germany. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/07/2015 20:30:47

Day 4 started with a smooth morning breeze. The night before, a fashion show was joined by 2 competitors at the festival square. The thermal winds finally kicked in and elimination 1 was finalized after some interesting battles in the Youth and Junior divisions. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/07/2015 23:37:04

The opening ceremony took place on the beautiful boulevard of Reggio Calabria with a youth Orchestra and welcoming words from several government officials and National sport representatives of the region.  All competitors representing their countries were announced, including a stage presentation of 1 athlete per country. ......( more )

2015 IFCA JYM Slalom World Championships Reggio Calabria
Posted On:  29/06/2015 08:03:40

Sailors are preparing their kit and last minute entries are being taken today at Reggio Calabria, Italy, ready for the start of the IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom Worlds.  Racing begins tomorrow, Tuesday 30th, and continues until Saturday 4th July.  Follow the event live on Twitter and IFCA Facebook.

Posted On:  24/06/2015 08:37:06

Competitors from eleven different countries made their way to the third Windsurfing Euro-Cup of the season.  Bol on the island Brac in Croatia is famous for its crystal clear waters and the reliable thermal side shore wind.  But this time the venue didn't want to cooperate.  Only one slalom elimination could be completed.......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2015 12:58:10

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup had a great start into the season as continental racing and slalom series. The first two events took place in Torbole / Lake Garda (Italy) at the end of April and Sylt (Germany) in mid May. After the first two events the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Office is releasing the first official Euro-Cup annual ranking list for the discipline slalom. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2015 12:03:43

The 7th edition of the Curacao Challenge took place at the Spanish waters between the 14th and 17th of May, directly from the main location of Windsurfing Curacao. With all the slalom and freestyle competitions being held on the same area it was a great event for all the spectators that gathered on the beach!  ......( more )

Posted On:  03/06/2015 07:31:54

To encourage participation in the event by women slalom racers, the organisers, Choppywater, and IFCA have agreed to give women a separate start from men and publish a separate ranking. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/05/2015 10:45:12

The AGM of the International Funboard Class Association will take place on Thursday 23rd July on Sylt, Germany, during the 2015 World Championships.  The exact time and place shall be published on the Official Notice Board at the event.

Proposals to ......( more )

Two Weeks to Santa Cruz and Pistol River!
Posted On:  23/05/2015 11:23:19

The West Coast events are a great adventure! Road trip with the AWT Family from Santa Cruz to Pistol River for an adventure you will never forget!

Read more AWT News . . .

Vincent Langer from Kiel is the Winner at the Summer Opening
Posted On:  14/05/2015 18:20:33

After five competition days the Summer Opening presented by Multivan came to an end this Sunday. The final day brought even harder conditions with it than the day before. With waves up to four meters it was impossible for the race crew to get the boats out on the water. Therefore, a waveriding supersession sponsored by Sony (without official scoring) was started instead of another slalom elimination.  Youngster Jan-Moritz Bochnia impressed the judges the most with a spectacular Backloop and was rewarded with a brand new Sony Xperia Z3.[more]

Posted On:  05/05/2015 11:05:25

The Final Day at the 2015 IFCA JUNIOR, YOUTH & MASTERS SLALOM EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS here in Hyeres, Almanarre Plage ended with 5 full eliminations in the women, juniors, youths and masters divisions completed for the championship titles.......( more )

Posted On:  05/05/2015 07:58:28

The fourth competition day started early with the skippers meeting at 9am. Yesterday's relaxation caused for an exciting morning as the sun was out and the vibes for good winds were positive.  However the wind came through a bit later and smoothly with wind readings between 10 and 14 knots after the skippers meeting. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/05/2015 18:37:34

The third competition day started with very grey skies and like every day with the skippers meeting at 10am. Yesterday's elimination 4 is still not completed. The Youths, Juniors and Masters sailed the first 4 heats except the Masters division made it just to heat 3......( more )

Posted On:  01/05/2015 17:34:53

The second competition day started just like the day before, smooth with the first skippers meeting at 10am. A few protests from the previous day were being evaluated and one of them was the start of Nicolas Goyard (with video footage) during the semi finals in elimination 2.  He got a redress and scored a slot in the youth finals. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/04/2015 09:20:08

The first competition day started very smoothly with the first skippers meeting at 10am.  Shortly after mid day the thermal winds slowly started to build up with winds from 11 to 16 knots. The day continued with increasing winds up to 22knots in the gusts.......( more )

Posted On:  29/04/2015 10:08:41

A beautiful sun shining "French spring weather" welcomed the competitors here in Hyeres, Almanarre. Inscriptions took place from 10am to 5pm. After lunch time a practice race was organized by the race committee so the youngsters could have a chance to get used to the starting procedures and the sailing conditions here in Almanarre.......( more )

Posted On:  28/04/2015 09:11:33

Great news for the elite of slalom racing! From July 21st to 26th the IFCA Slalom Worlds will take place on Sylt in Germany. The IFCA Slalom World Championship is the sportive highlight of the Volvo Surf Cup which is one of the biggest funsport events in Germany. ......( more )

Posted On:  27/04/2015 10:16:19

The kick-off event of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup season 2015 is over now. 48 competitors from 12 different nations participated in the Garda Trentino Euro-Cup in Torbole. On three out of four regatta days it was possible to run competitions and the race crew managed achieve a total of five completed eliminations giving the competitors two discards. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/04/2015 14:36:07

This year's Curacao Challenge which takes place 14-17 May will be joined by professional windsurfers from all around the world!

The women's fleet is shaping up to be quite interesting.  All the way from the Netherlands, Arrianne Aukes (RRD, Simmer Style) has confirmed her participation in both freestyle and slalom. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2015 13:43:51

With the first event of the Championship series just around the corner, April 23-26 in Torbole, check out the New Format for the IFCA Slalom European Championships (2015).   For the Youths, Juniors, Masters and Women the format will be the same as in 2014 and the European Championships still will be one event but for the Seniors the IFCA Slalom European Championships will consist of a series of events spread across Europe. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/04/2015 16:26:32

Let's make sure we bring the Waddell Classic AWT event to Santa Cruz this year!
Firstly, the American Windsurfing Tour is NOT in trouble. Sam Bitner and her team have always done a great job balancing the check-books and making the events work, even without anyone getting paid. The entire staff donates their time, and loses money going to the events. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/04/2015 15:50:09

Attention racers and non racers alike, In addition to the slalom series to be held at the St. Francis Yacht Club on Friday nights (May 29, June 26, July 24 & August 21) this season, we are also organizing a second slalom series on Saturdays to be held at Crissy Field, the day after the Friday night races. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/03/2015 11:27:19

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup is gaining further momentum. Now the Euro-Cup office announces the addition of a great final event in Turkey to the Windsurfing Euro-Cup tour 2015. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Goeztepe in Urla-Izmir will take place from August 25th to 29th and offers a prize money of eur 15.000,00.......( more )

Posted On:  24/03/2015 14:15:53

We are happy to announce the first updates and additions to the 2015 EFPT calendar.

Also in 2015 the first EFPT event will be the 'Chiemsee European Tow-In Championship' in Podersdorf from the 30th of April until the 3rd of May. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/03/2015 11:10:21

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup is the continental windsurfing tour for the disciplines Racing (Formula Windsurfing) and Slalom (IFCA). Together with IFCA, IFWC and the IWA the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Office has developed a system ......( more )

Posted On:  20/03/2015 11:57:34

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup office proudly announces the addition of another event to the 2015 tour calendar. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole will open this year's circuit of the continental windsurfing tour. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/03/2015 17:00:26

Have you ever thought of judging maneouvers by some favorite freestyle windsurfers? It's not impossible. All you have to do is learn how to throw out scores, in a judging clinic.......( more )

Posted On:  10/03/2015 16:46:05

Wow! What a hugely successful event we have had here on Cabo Verde over these past 2 weeks! We crowned new AWT Pro, Amateur and Lady champions and we brought an event back to the island of Sal after a long hiatus.......( more )

Posted On:  10/03/2015 16:10:15

At the beginning of February the 16th edition of the Vietnam Fun Cup took place at Jibe's Beach Club at Mui Ne. The Vietnam Fun cup is an annual event organized by our good friend Pascal Lefebvre. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/02/2015 14:35:09

Last night saw the Opening Party for the Goya Cabo Verde Pro contest here on the beautiful island of Sal. In attendance were some of the biggest names in windsurfing along with local watermen, business men and dignitaries. The true spirit of the American Windsurfing Tour came out in force which was both mirrored and complimented by the spirit of this island, our host for the next 14 days of competition period. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/02/2015 09:32:30

The better we get at windsurfing, the more we find ourselves looking for extreme conditions to challenge us.  The challenge of windsurfing is ultimately what keeps us hooked and certainly on its day the spectacular British coastline can deliver incredible windsurfing.......( more )

Posted On:  10/02/2015 19:31:27

Six events are on the calendar of the GWA Windsurf Cup 2015! And the best is: Competitors from foreign countries are not only allowed but very welcome at all events. Since many years several international riders participate at German tour stops. This international participation creates a unique open and free atmosphere.......( more )

Posted On:  06/02/2015 17:50:06

The 4th edition of the St Barth Fun Cup saw the strongest fleet since the start of this Carribean racing event. The starting list incuded some of the world's best riders and even Bjorn Dunkerbeck, who retired from the PWA World Cup tour last year, travelled to the paradise. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/02/2015 15:48:53

Friday, January 30 marked the opening of registration for Defi Wind Gruissan 2015. Within three days of registration opening half the places were taken already for this extraordinary sport event that puts in the limelight some 1000 windsurfers on the very same starting line! ......( more )

Posted On:  03/02/2015 16:08:22

IFCA is returning to one of its favourite slalom hotspots for the 2015 Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom European Championships from 28th April to 3rd May 2015. Notice of race has just been published and on-line entry is now open.......( more )

Posted On:  21/01/2015 11:08:23

Steve Allen has won the 2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic. The Australian windsurfer conquered his third consecutive title at the world's longest windsurfing race.......( more )

Posted On:  13/01/2015 10:15:00

On Sunday morning we received the sad news that international jury member Frans Bolweg passed away.

Frans Bolweg was for more than 40 years involved in windsurfing and sailing and had a great influence on the development of slalom racing as we know it now. Frans was a very dedicated and expert slalom jury member at our international championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/01/2015 13:49:02

Cabo Verde at its best Windsurfing/Surfing & SUP at the magical Ponta Preta.  Dia de Criancas +H20 with Club Mistral & Goya taking the local kids on the water.  All riders are welcome to come experience the infamous local cuisine, culture, parties and 'No Stress' lifestyle.......( more )

Posted On:  09/01/2015 09:17:04

The 2015 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) will be run in seven stages, between February 24th and November 10th. And there's a surprise in the calendar: Cabo Verde.......( more )

Posted On:  05/01/2015 17:44:55

The German Windsurfing Association (GWA) is the new official national class association (NCA) representing the shortboard classes International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) and International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) in Germany.......( more )

Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2015
Posted On:  22/12/2014 10:48:51

Our brand new Website for the Windsurfing Euro-Cup is online! You will find all important news about the continental windsurfing tour on it: news, rules, impressions, videos and of course the calendar and the registration! Check it out now! http://euro-cup.org or visit our Facebook Page

Posted On:  16/12/2014 10:10:28

A large turnout of participants, friends, relatives and companions enjoyed a big welcome cocktail organized by the Hotel Panamericano Bariloche for the 18th Bariloch Classic 2014.  This year we had entrants from Argentina, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil in the different modes of Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP, kayaks and sailboats. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/12/2014 14:20:45

Mauritius is an island nation with more than 1.2 million inhabitants. It’s located in the Indian Ocean and well known for its waves. One Eye or Manawa at the Le Morne peninsula are world class spots with fast and powerful breaking waves. Despite the great wave spots freeriding gets more popular on the island. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/11/2014 10:55:09

The Bariloche Classic reaches its 18th edition and this time with the South American Windsurfing Championships in Formula Windsurfing & IFCA Slalom.  To this event we add the other participants in various sports: Kite, SUP (Paddleboard), Kayak, Rafting, Sailing (J24, Snipe and Optimist), Bikes and the Classic Skate will see 4 days of activity and colour.......( more )

Posted On:  07/11/2014 13:10:37

Thursday 6th November saw yet more champions crowned, after another successful day at the beach for the AWT Severne Starboard Aloha Classic.  We kicked off this morning with the Women's fleet; 17 incredible women took on the big swell and offshore winds of Ho'okipa. The fleet contained AWT and world champions, but it was some of the familiar local faces that made it into the final. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/11/2014 14:55:54

On 5th November, it was the Amateur competitors' turn to shine at Ho'okipa Beach Park as Glenn Haslbeck takes the Amateur Severne Starboard Aloha Classic title, and Dan Thomson secures the AWT 2014 Tour win. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/11/2014 18:39:49

Wind or no-wind. The forecasted light South wind left us hoping for a local effect that would make it stronger and make a freestyle competition possible, yet it didn't fill in which left organisers, crew and riders disappointed after all. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/10/2014 18:48:37

As the organization was finalizing the set up of the village at Brutal Beach for the 6th edition of the European Freestyle Expression, the EFPT team was registering the 30 riders that came from all over Europe to win the 'European Freestyle Champion' title.......( more )

Posted On:  30/10/2014 07:39:48

All the AWT riders, and some of the top PWA sailors, enjoyed a fantastic opening party and registration at Adventure Sports Maui. Food, drinks, photos and lots of chat was the order of the evening. All gathered again at 9am for the official opening blessing. Conditions were looking great for the next four to five days, competition would start straight away with the Pro Fleet going first. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/10/2014 07:27:49

The Aloha Classic is the longest existing windsurfing wave event (together with Sylt in Germany). 2014 marks 30 years since the very first event and the 25th edition of the Aloha Classic.  Let me rewind back to when I was a young journalist, following the evolution of windsurfing, back then windsurfing was called "the fastest growing sport" . . .

Posted On:  13/10/2014 14:32:05

Slalom is one of the most spectacular and powerful windsurfing disciplines. The short races of 3 to 5 minutes can be raced in compact areas close to the spectators. The races are high speed with short legs and close mark roundings. The format is elimination which also requires an efficient Race Committee.  At some events 40 starts a day are no exception!......( more )

Posted On:  02/10/2014 11:57:24

For the second time in a row, Six Fours les Plages will host the EFPT's last stage of the season. This year the organisation has increased the prize-money from 5,000 eur to 10,000 eur. "Thanks to more private partners and more involvement from the institutional sponsors, the event will attract many top sailors this year, especially because it is the final of the European Freestyle Pro Tour. The challenge is definitely high!" says organiser Fred Bosson. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/09/2014 09:35:35

The IFCA European Slalom Championships at the Zoo Station Bol - windsurfing center in Bol, Croatia has come to an end with the Awards Ceremony held in the centre of town.

Enrico Marotti CRO-401 claims the title of IFCA Men's European Slalom Windsurfing Champion and Andrea Vanhoorne BEL-26 is IFCA Women's European Slalom Windsurfing Champion.......( more )

Posted On:  30/08/2014 18:34:45

Another easy morning and like yesterday we were expecting some thermal winds to show up but the wind arrived slowly and a bit late in the afternoon with a weak strength from 8 to 10 knots but later 10 to 14 knots - making everyone excited!......( more )

Posted On:  29/08/2014 21:26:31

Day 3 started off just like any other day here on Bol: sunny, slow with a very light breeze.  The skippers meeting was held at 11am followed by the AGM (Annual General Meeting) with important announcements and updates about the future aspect of the International Funboard Class Association.  ......( more )

Posted On:  29/08/2014 08:35:37

A total of 91 competitors, 85 men and 6 women, from 17 countries signed up for the European Slalom Championship at Zoo Station in Bol, Brac, Croatia.......( more )

Posted On:  22/08/2014 19:55:52

The IFCA Slalom Europeans take place in Croatia from the 25th August til the 1st September, and this year a group of non-professional Brits are taking on the competition.  Kev Greenslade, James Dinsmore, Simon Pettifer, Sam Latham, Mike George and Leigh Kingaby are here to show you why you don't need to be a pro to be an international competitor. Read more on Boards.com 

Posted On:  21/08/2014 07:47:14

On-line registration for the 2014 IFCA European Slalom Windsurfing Championships at Bol, Brac Island, Croatia has now closed.  Registration will open on Tuesday 26th at 9.00 at Zoo Station when new entries will be accepted.......( more )

Posted On:  06/08/2014 17:16:15

The Upcoming European Slalom Championship event is organised by Zoo Station Bol in co-operation with the JK Podstrana and Croatian Windsurfing Association.

A few words from the main event Organiser "MR TONI":......( more )

Posted On:  04/08/2014 21:43:17

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the IFCA Council to be held on Thursday 28th August 2014 in Bol, Brac Island, Croatia has now been published.

Posted On:  03/08/2014 10:20:40

The International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) and the Germany based event agency Choppy Water GmbH have agreed on a co-operation to promote a new continental windsurfing platform. From 2015 onwards the Windsurfing Euro-Cup will be the official regatta series leading to the IFCA European Slalom Men and Women Championship title.......( more )

Posted On:  31/07/2014 16:24:15

Just one day left to claim your 30 eur discount for early entry to the IFCA Slalom Europeans coming up - 26th to 31st August 2014 - Bol, Brac Island, Dalmatia, Croatia ......( more )

Posted On:  09/07/2014 15:29:16

Dennis Littel was the first windsurfer to come running up the beach to 'tap-in' at Paal 17, Texel. After several previous attempts, Littel finally managed to be the first to make it around. In doing so, Littel wins the Dutch Championship Marathon Surfing. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/07/2014 14:53:09

The 10th Prokids Bonaire IFCA Championship 2014 started with a very enticing opening ceremony on June 25th and closed with a bang on June 29th. The final results were announced during the Award Ceremony where all the winners who competed in the Slalom and Freestyle disciplines were called on stage to receive their trophy, certificate and prizes. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2014 18:48:47

In the Goyard family, we know Thomas as one of the best French RS: X sailors and now Nicolas, his younger brother, has just won the title of IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion in Rosas in Spain with a perfect score.......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2014 08:20:13

On the 5th and final day of the IFCA Slalom Junior, Youth & Masters World Championships in Rosas in Spain, the tension was palpable with a slalom # 3 started the day before, still in progress, and the final result set to have a significant impact on the general classification. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2014 12:26:04

Just like yesterday the thermal wind slowly built up after mid day, just a bit later this time.  Wind measurements were 11 to 15 knots in the beginning. A few cancellations took place in the Masters Gold and Silver fleet due to unstable winds at the buoys. After a short break the conditions quickly improved ......( more )

Posted On:  20/06/2014 10:48:04

The day started off  nice and easy with clear blue skies, a light breeze increased slowly by the hour.  After lunch time thermal winds blew from 11 to 14 knots and the competition could finally begin.  The Youths and Junior eliminations were scheduled first followed by the Masters.......( more )

Posted On:  18/06/2014 17:48:59

A relaxing morning breeze welcomed the competitors on the 2nd competition day.  Hourly announcements were made after the skippers meeting due to poor conditions in the morning.  Somewhat after lunch time the wind seemed to be picking up but still not good enough for an official race. Wind measurements from the water crew: 10 to 14 knots. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/06/2014 13:27:56

Following months of preparation we just a week ahead of celebrating the 10th Prokids Bonaire IFCA Championship 2014. This year Bonaire will host the event from June 25 to 29. The event is organized and coordinated by a dedicated Bonaire Committee Team and the Aquaspeed Windsurfers Bonaire Association directed by General Coordinator, Mr. Gerrald Victorina.......( more )

Posted On:  17/06/2014 15:46:28

The IFCA Slalom Windsurfing World Championships for Junior, Youths and Masters has kicked off.......( more )

Posted On:  16/06/2014 12:40:23

On site registration is now open in the Race office at Hotel Montecarlo.  Early arrivals are already testing the waters, looking forward to practice races and also to the Opening Ceremony this evening for the IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships taking place this week on the Costa Brava, Spain.......( more )

Posted On:  16/06/2014 12:24:05

Day three at the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash will go down as one of the most impressive contest days the US west coast has ever seen. The action across all divisions was intense and fiercely competitive with the wind gusting over 30-knots and sets rolling in constantly in the head-to-logo-high range. It was simply amazing.......( more )

Posted On:  10/06/2014 07:27:33

Sorobon Beach, on Bonaire, will once again host a Prokids and Youth windsurfing championships from 25th to 29th June, 2014.

This 10th edition includes both freestyle expression and slalom racing for 5 age divisions; under 9, under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 20.......( more )

Posted On:  02/06/2014 15:41:56

The Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge at the Brandenburger Strand in Westerland on Sylt is now over and we have two joint champions! ......( more )

Posted On:  31/05/2014 16:57:33

The fourth day of the Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge in Westerland on Sylt welcomed the competitors and spectators with 17 to 25 knots. Furthermore the competitors had to deal with onshore wind and huge waves. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/05/2014 11:56:58

The first day of the Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge brought perfect conditions for the discipline slalom. Up to seven Bft and four slalom eliminations are the result of the first regatta day. Vincent Langer (GER-1, RRD, Point-7) dominated all races and leads consequently in the overall ranking.......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2014 15:30:18

The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships are confirmed for Westerland, Sylt (Germany) from July 22nd to 26th 2015. The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) have signed a contract with the Choppy Water GmbH as local organizing authority.......( more )

Posted On:  11/05/2014 09:05:49

The Azores IFCA  Slalom World Championship 2014 is officially closed, congratulations to the new World Champion Ben Van Der Steen and Delphine Cousin is Women's IFCA Slalom Champion.......( more )

Posted On:  10/05/2014 11:43:16

The official Notice of Race has been published for the Funboard Racing Championships on Sylt. The regatta is included into the big event "Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge" and will take place from 28th May to 1st June.   Check out accommodation and travel info here ......( more )

Posted On:  10/05/2014 07:39:15

Day Four in the beautiful Azores and we finally got wind and some racing!  Ben van der Steen from the Netherlands came out on top at the end of the day with Italian Matteo Iachino in second and Israeli Dagan Arnon in third - EDIT - a close call as subsequent video review has put German Vincent Langer in third place.  Delphine Cousin heads the ladies leaderboard.......( more )

Posted On:  08/05/2014 20:37:11

Race Officials went out by boat towards Porto Martins before the 8am scheduled meeting for the riders on another early Azorean morning here on the 3rd event day.......( more )

Posted On:  08/05/2014 07:29:21

Day two started out as before with some clouds and a light breeze.  After the 9am skippers meeting the AP flag went up and competitors were on standby as the conditions turned into very tricky unstable winds that blew from 5 knots to 20 knots out on the course area.......( more )

Posted On:  06/05/2014 17:34:07

The Opening Ceremony took place yesterday evening on the event site with some nice BBQ and music. A welcome word from the Mayor's representative followed by words from the events Principal Race Officer Bruno de Wannemaeker.......( more )

Posted On:  06/05/2014 07:52:57

Although the wind gods were playing tricks most days, there had been exciting fights for places for both the Surf World Cup Podersdorf and the Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship, drawing in cheering crowds on the beach with riders very motivated to fulfill their expectations. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/04/2014 11:22:21

The 37th edition of the Round Texel Race is extended with a new element this year, the Open Dutch Championship Marathon Windsurfing. The windsurfers will sail the exact same route as the catamarans do every year: rounding the Isle of Texel. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/03/2014 10:23:05

Since over 15 years the German agency Choppy Water is successfully organizing windsurfing events in Germany. The events have a great reputation for the excellent performance of the crew on the water and the high level of organization at the beach. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/03/2014 22:39:21

"We.R.Out" is the product of a collaboration of the windsurfer and musician Ruben BNG Petrisie and Continentseven. At each windsurfing event thousands of pictures are produced by different photographers, but just a few of them get published or go public. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/03/2014 22:34:30

The wind gods blew down on Mui Ne again for the '15th Annual Fun Cup' and we can look back at another successful Windsurf competition of great riding, great conditions and fun times at Jibe's Mui Ne. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/02/2014 17:10:33

The third Judging Seminar will take place in the city of The Hague on the sandy coast line of Holland from 4th to 6th April at the Internationaal Topzeilcentrum in Scheveningen.......( more )

Posted On:  05/02/2014 13:25:07

Competitors are reminded about the travel sponsorship provided by TAP for their trip to the World Championships in the Azores.

Only by flying with TAP can you be assured of the baggage allowance deal; and it is necessary to fly from main hubs with TAP, on the planes big enough to carry lots of equipment.......( more )

Posted On:  31/01/2014 10:30:49

The BWA UK Wave Tour 2014 kicks off with the challenging back-to-back Wales/Ireland event. A weekend of competition and partying at Rhosneigr followed by the now famous road trip to the West coast of Ireland ......( more )

Posted On:  29/01/2014 09:52:48

Due to negotiations with organisers the finalisation of the 2014 EFPT tour plan took a little longer this year. Yet good things come to those who wait, with this in mind, we'd like to lead you through the exciting upcoming season. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/01/2014 12:23:58

IFCA is delighted to be returning to GEN Roses - Catalunya Costa Brava (Girona) Spain for the 2014 IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships from 16th to 21st June 2014.  Notice of Race has now been published. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/12/2013 08:54:59

The 7'03'' wave ride got confirmed by The World Guinness Book.......( more )

Posted On:  12/12/2013 08:01:44

Praia da Vitoria, on the beautiful island of Terceira, in the Azores, will host two major world championships in 2014.  The Formula Windsurfing Worlds, 28th April to 3rd May, will be followed by the IFCA Slalom Worlds, 5th to 10th May.......( more )

ISAF Publish Change To The Racing Rules of Sailing
Posted On:  07/12/2013 19:49:50

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has published an urgent change to rule B3.31 of the Racing Rules of Sailing. The change will be effective from 1 January 2014.  The urgent rule change was authorized during the ISAF Annual Conference in Oman as permitted by ISAF Regulation 28.1.2. 

Click here to download all changes and corrections made since the publication of the RRS 2013-2016.

Posted On:  04/11/2013 16:11:29

On the 3rd day the conditions were too light to continue with competitions. The competitors got involved with some of the activities such as a soccer game and ping pong matches while the skate boarding trials took place inside the event tent. The wind did not improve and the competitors were released for that day.......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2013 06:17:12

Strong Bura winds at night caused for an early day on the second competition day. After analyzing several forecasts yesterday evening the skippers meeting was set for 7:30am with winds still reaching up to 20 knots. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/10/2013 16:00:50

Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) is crowned the new European freestyle champion for the third time. Van der Eyken (Starboard/Severne) takes second place whilst Adrian Beholz (Sailloft/Fanatic) holds his third place overall from last year.......( more )

Posted On:  16/10/2013 20:15:41

The last stage of the EFPT circuit is approaching. The organization in Six Fours les Plages is happy as many top riders already pre-registered. 'We expect Italian, English, Russian, Slovenian, Dutch and Belgians competitors but above all, it's interesting to welcome 4 riders of the top 10 world ranking' says Fred Bosson the organizer.......( more )

Posted On:  16/10/2013 15:46:35

This should be the best event yet. The event stepped up and hired Darren Rogers to be the principal race officer. Darren's race officiating resume is long and solid and is the go to guy for the best run windsurfing event possible. Darren's credo is "fair & fun racing". He is one of the few officials that I know who can get that done.......( more )

Posted On:  16/10/2013 12:41:31

The AWT is happy to welcome the PWA to Maui for the JP Aloha Classic at Ho'okipa October 24th-November 6th.  AWT divisions will run as usual.  Top 2 AWT ranked riders automatically advance to the PWA bracket as well as top 6 ranked riders from the AWT Pro division at Ho'okipa.  ......( more )

Posted On:  12/10/2013 12:39:05

The 2013 Tiree Wave Classic is just around the corner, the event kicks off on the 12th October and runs until the 18th, with a whole host of amateur, youth, master and pro wavesailors heading to the Hebrides. The 2013 contest is all about the amateur fleets and helping everyone progress their windsurfing through fun competition, clinics, coaching and more.

Posted On:  01/10/2013 12:22:47

The right stuff for radical action at Hookipa!

The AWT is proud to announce the confirmation of the PWAs involvement in the 2013 JP Aloha Classic. For the first time in 7 years, the PWA World Tour will be back on Maui to put the world best windsurfers against some of the world's best conditions. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/09/2013 16:14:46

Clube Naval da Praia da Vitoria will host the 2014 IFCA Slalom World Championships on the island of Terceira, in the Azores.......( more )

Posted On:  24/09/2013 11:07:59

For the 5th consecutive year, Six Fours les plages will host the EFPT from the 24th to 27th October, the European Freestyle Championships Tour during the "European freestyle Expression" event. The organization has decided this year to set up the contest on the famous spot "Brutal Beach"......( more )

Posted On:  18/09/2013 07:06:11

With such a mix of winds the PWA DAM7 Festival provided the perfect conditions for all disciplines of freestyle to take place. During the event we managed to find a few hours where the winds were calm and the chop was on the smaller side, this allowed the EFPT to run the tow-in qualifiers, and then on the Friday night, the tow-in final.......( more )

Posted On:  17/09/2013 19:06:21

Croatia will once again play host to the IFCA Pro Kids, Junior and Youth Freestyle European Championships. This year's championship returns to the venue of last year's successful Europeans, and takes place from October 29th to November 2nd.......( more )

Posted On:  31/08/2013 11:04:30

8 rounds completed, with five discards, Wilhelm Schurmann (BRA-9) clinched the championship with a perfect score of 5 - half the score of his closest rival, fellow countryman Matias Pinheiro with 10 points, ......( more )

Posted On:  31/08/2013 07:52:15

Camille Juban has broken the Guinness world record for the longest duration surfing a wave, in the iconic Chicama, in Peru. The French sailor has ridden the longest windsurfing wave ever, with a total time of 7 minutes and 3 seconds.......( more )

Posted On:  30/08/2013 20:00:37

With just one heat left to sail, despite light winds and a diminishing swell, we had the luxury of picking the best possible moment to call the heat. We met early to check the conditions and were on hold much of the day. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/08/2013 14:09:50

Another day of competition saw the completion of the Masters and Amateur rounds. Conditions were once again very good. Waves were a little smaller than yesterday, but still gave plenty of opportunity for clean down the line riding. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/08/2013 13:59:14

What a day! Today was the day for the pros. We started early and ended late. Conditions offered up strong winds, long peeling lefts, and plenty of action for the spectators to watch. Waves were overhead and most riders were using 4.7 and 5.0 meter sails.......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2013 12:48:37

Day 1 started off with good news. Makael Buhon, who was pulled from the water in serious condition yesterday, is recovering in a nearby hospital. It is not yet known what caused the accident, but without the swift action of his fellow competitors and the El Faro staff to bring him to safety, we may have been reporting a different story. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2013 16:41:09

Local stars Julien Maureal and Fabrice Leclezio have blasted the 2013 Mauritius Freeride Paradise Challenge, held in the island of Mauritius, in the Southern Hemisphere.......( more )

Posted On:  22/08/2013 17:00:25

Tasmania really turned it on with a mind-blowing day of action for Mission #2 of Red Bull Storm Chase. After a night of 85-knot gusts, an awe-inspiring day's action in storm-force winds and double mast-high surf ensued.......( more )

Posted On:  19/08/2013 08:33:14

On 26 and 27 August 2013, more than a hundred kiteboarders and windsurfers will shake the Aegean Sea up. Getting a start at Alacati Cark Beach, kiteboarders and windsurfers will turn back off Chios, Greece, and arrive in the finish line back in Alacati. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/08/2013 12:54:05

Three more rounds (eliminations) of slalom action brought to a dramatic closure the IFCA Grand Prix in Liepaja, Latvia.  Liepaja - known as the "city where the wind is born" - never fails to deliver!......( more )

Posted On:  15/08/2013 06:36:03

Racing continued at the 2013 Formula European Championships and IFCA Slalom Grand Prix at Liepaja - but it was to be a change of racing discipline. ......( more )

Slalom Wind Limits - Your Views Count
Posted On:  27/07/2013 11:27:25

During the last AGM of the IFCA in Sylt, May 2013, a new policy was proposed by some competitors. If adopted, this would change the Funboard slalom racing substantially. 

It began with a discussion on how to make our sport more attractive to organizers, the media, our sponsors and spectators.  Read more . . .

Posted On:  06/07/2013 16:35:20

Today was the final day of the IFCA 2013 Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships in Alacati Bay organized by Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy and Gorbon Sports Management. Adrenalin ran high with competitors fighting to earn their last points.......( more )

Posted On:  06/07/2013 08:55:01

Day 4 started quite slow with a skippers meeting at 11:00 and the first possible start scheduled at 12:00. The wind was steadily building up while a new course was being set. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/07/2013 06:00:05

The skippers meeting was held at 11:00am and a new course was set by the water crew. The wind was already blowing 18 knots from the right direction - 2 rounds of slalom racing was definitely on the cards. Plenty of speed, crashes, general recalls, winds gusting up to 26, even 30, knots made for spectacular racing and breathtakingly close fights to the finish in Alacati Bay.......( more )

Posted On:  03/07/2013 19:31:33

"The wind's gone mad and keeps shifting", the AP flag is up once again, the course is being re-arranged and masters heat 1 will restart ... IFCA President Bruno said, "Never seen the wind so shifty and gusty in Alacati Bay . . . hope it gets better soon". Conditions remained tricky, gusting up to 25 knots, but finally the first heat was running and conditions were perfect! ......( more )

Posted On:  02/07/2013 20:15:03

The first day of competition started off with the late registrations. The final entry list shows representatives from 18 countries, 3 continents.  Young competitors from 5 countries are joining the Turks in the junior fleet, the youngest of whom is 11 year-old Kuzey Oztas from Bitez, Bodrum. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/07/2013 06:38:31

Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, a beautiful location with a perfect event set up and an amazing view over the bay of Alacati. Close to 100 competitors from as far afield as Aruba and Curacao have joined European competitors to register and prepare all their sails and boards for the official start ......( more )

Posted On:  01/07/2013 10:18:10

Following the success of last year's combined wave and slalom event in Brasil, the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) has accepted an offer from the Peruvian Windsurfing Association to host the 2013 " JEEP" IFCA Slalom & Wave South American Championship......( more )

Posted On:  01/07/2013 10:08:51

The last skippers meeting of the event was held super early and the wind was already blowing nice and strong. A single and double elimination were scheduled and completed. French kid Sam Esteve had a great day but the tough windy and wavy conditions gave him a hard time to find his groove......( more )

Posted On:  23/06/2013 06:42:01

Blue Sunny skies on the 4th day of IFCA Freestyle Junior World Championships with winds slowly building up. After the skippers meeting a SUP Race was organized and everyone could register to participate. Short after lunchtime the competition area was being set up with thermal winds already blowing at 17 knots.......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2013 06:00:22

A tense day with teasing winds kept the competitors on standby throughout the entire day. A few attemps have been made to start with the first round of the single elimination but the conditions never really improved. A kite exhibition ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2013 10:39:00

A quiet morning on the second day of the 2013 IFCA Freestyle Junior World Championship @ Sosh Freestyle Cup.  The skippers meeting was held during lunch time and the tow-in was scheduled for the afternoon. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2013 09:56:12

After his latest update from Curacao, Amado Vrieswijk went back to Bonaire where he attended the 2013 ProKids Bonaire. In its 9th edition, the event was blessed with good conditions and both slalom and freestyle competitions were completed over the weekend. Amado won the freestyle in the U-17 division after being beaten by Kiri Thode in the Men's. Read it in his own words . . .

Posted On:  20/06/2013 13:30:53

A slightly cloudy day on the first competition day with a nice side of shore wind. The competitors prepared their gear and somemanaged a morning try out session to get a hang of the conditions. ......( more )

EPFT Russia 2013 - Steven van Broeckhoven wins
Posted On:  01/06/2013 15:43:00

The final was a worthy end to such a great competition and we were stoked to be hosted by such a great organising team here at the Auqaleto Hotel in Eysk. We've had a great time here in Russia and have been put up as friends from the start. We are looking back on an amazing week which involved all kind of sporty and social actions. More on EFPT . . .

AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival
Posted On:  01/06/2013 12:22:58

The 2013 American Windsurfing Tour kicked off in style with an action-packed first day at the Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival held at Waddell Creek. The wind picked up by late morning enough to get the Amateur division under way and by mid-afternoon the swell built perfectly to get the Pros out showing their stuff. Later in the day Women, Masters and Grand Masters rounds were also held making for a great start for everyone. Let's look at some of the highlights . . .

Posted On:  15/05/2013 10:00:24

In a sun- and action filled weekend, Kiri Thode defended his Freestyle title successfully and Taty Frans took the Slalom pro division with ease. 85 windsurfers from some of the world's best surf countries, Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao, competed in front of hundreds of spectators. In its fifth year, the Curacao Challenge again proved to be an event where high level of competition is mixed with a great atmosphere.......( more )

Posted On:  13/05/2013 06:02:24

With three outstanding victories Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88, Patrik, North) from Flensburg is the new IFCA Slalom Men's World Champion. Vincent Langer (GER-122, Starboard, Severne) from Kiel, another German, clinched second place overall.  In third place, the Dutchman Jordy Vonk (8.0 points) followed by the Dane Sebastian Kornum (13.0 points) in fourth. Maciej Rutkowski from Poland (14.0 points) completes the top five.......( more )

Posted On:  12/05/2013 07:08:29

The fourth day of the event at the Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Westerland on Sylt started with 11-13 knots. This was enough for the race director to decide slalom would be the order of the day......( more )

Posted On:  11/05/2013 10:35:05

On the third day the weather forecast came good with a southerly 5-6 blowing. In total, 63 participants were able to complete 2 slalom eliminations with perfect side shore wind. Flensburger Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88, Patrik, North) emerged as the clear winner of two races.......( more )

Posted On:  10/05/2013 11:31:39

Encouraged by the wind forecast for the second day of the Rollei Summer Openings presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, the many visitors and participants anticipated a spectacular slalom day. In bright sunshine, tens of thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts gathered on the promenade of Westerland. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/05/2013 05:17:24

The first day of the "Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge" brought light wind with 7 to 14 knots. The race committee decided to use the marginal conditions for the discipline racing. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/05/2013 14:43:17

64 participants from 14 countries are taking part in the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2013, from 8 to 12 May as part of the Rollei Summer Opening in Westerland on Sylt. Prize money of eur15,000.00 and the prestigious "IFCA Slalom World Champion 2013" title are at stake......( more )

Posted On:  30/04/2013 17:05:15

Here you have some information for the upcoming Rollei Summer Opening.

Inscription (Insel Sylt Tourismus Service, Strandstrasse 35):......( more )

Posted On:  26/04/2013 12:17:18

Almost 700 entrants have registered so far for the 13th year of Defi Wind, a major windsurfing competition which takes place annually at Gruissan in the Aude region of France on May 9-12. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/04/2013 08:54:50

The Curacao Challenge will be held for the 5th consecutive year from May 10th to May 12th. The event has proven to be a welcome addition to windsurf competitions in the Caribbean. Visitors can expect spectacular high speed slalom windsurfing and spectacular moves......( more )

Posted On:  24/04/2013 18:00:28

Get set for the 1st event of the 2013 AWT calendar, kicking off at the famous Waddell Creek in California! With Waddell Creek being such a popular stop on the tour places are filling up fast! Head on over to the AWT website and register here NOW to guarantee your spot.......( more )

Posted On:  23/04/2013 16:23:54

From May 31st to June 2nd, visit the beautiful island of Bonaire for the upcoming 9th edition of the ProKids event. The crystal blue waters of Sorobon lagoon await, where the best of the best youngsters in freestyle and slalom will pave their way to future windsurfing domination from the Caribbean. ( more )

Posted On:  13/04/2013 15:23:37

The IFCA AGM will be held on Thursday 9th May 2013 in Westerland, Sylt, Germany.  The final Agenda, including proposals and nominations for committee, will be posted on the class website by April 25th.  Proposals and nominations for committee should be submitted by April 23rd......( more )

The Aruba Xtreme Event 2013
Posted On:  13/04/2013 12:06:58

Amado Vrieswijk wins the Aruba Xtreme Event 2013 and Kiri Thode won the best trick contest with a clean Backloop rotation. Amado won the first and second elimination and Taty Frans, who was on Maui for the photoshoots during the first and second elimination, won the third elimination.  More on Continent Seven

Posted On:  04/04/2013 13:28:44

All competitors of the Rollei Summer Opening 2013 - a couple of important deadlines coming up!!......( more )

Posted On:  29/03/2013 15:57:50

Pre-Notice of race has been published for the IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships to be held from 1 to 6 July 2013 at the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, Alacati, Turkey.......( more )

Posted On:  08/03/2013 12:22:19

For the 14th time in 14 years, the Jibe's Beach Club in Mui Ne hosted the 2013 Vietnam Fun Cup for the annual concentration of windsurf addicts and strong winds. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/02/2013 16:57:42

This episode of COAST from Windsurf Magazine takes us on a special trip down memory lane with a look back over two and a half decades of The Tiree Wave Classic. Words and pics by John Carter

St Barth Fun Cup 2013
Posted On:  15/02/2013 08:56:13

From the 1st to the 3rd of February, world-class sailors like Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Antoine Questel and Taty Frans and local amateurs gathered in the idyllic island of St. Barth in the Caribbean Islands for 3 days of long distance slalom competition and good times . . . (more on Starboard.com)

Posted On:  14/02/2013 16:02:43

The IFCA Slalom Worlds 2013 will take place in Westerland on the island Sylt (Germany) from May 8th to 12th. They are one of the highlights of the Rollei Summer Opening. In addition to the discipline slalom the event features also ......( more )

Posted On:  06/02/2013 11:19:51

The Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship return to Marseille and the 2013 Sosh Freestyle Cup.......( more )

Posted On:  01/02/2013 12:10:38

Germany has won the pitch to host the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2013. This decision was reveiled today by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA).The official Slalom World Championships will be incorporated in the Rollei Summer Opening  ......( more )

Top Twenty Charts
Posted On:  20/01/2013 10:07:24

What were the most viewed moves on Continentseven in 2012?
Place 1 to 10 / Place 11 to 20

Posted On:  16/01/2013 10:14:07

The first day of the Lancelin Ocean Classic saw some spectacular windsurfing conditions ideal for the Wave competition with winds of 15 knots and 3m swell. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/01/2013 17:20:07

Bruno De Wannemaeker, IFCA President and an IWA Vice President, has been appointed Vice Chairman of the ISAF Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee.......( more )

Posted On:  11/01/2013 12:25:16

It's January and it's summertime in Western Australia. And it's Lancelin time. On the eve of the Lancelin Ocean Classic competitors and spectators alike are flocking to the Cray Fishing town of Lancelin for the 28th consecutive Lancelin Ocean Classic, which is on from January 10th till 13th.

Posted On:  04/01/2013 16:07:00

2012 saw a series of successful events for the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour), culminating in the King and Queen of the Wind in the UK. The EFPT have recently run a vote to give you the chance to honour the top sailor of the year and Boards are please to share the news that this title has gone to Brit Adam Sims!

NZ Freestyle Nationals 2012 - Wellington turns it on for windsurfing
Posted On:  15/12/2012 17:41:02

The 2012 NZ Freestyle nationals were hotly contested in epic conditions. UK windsurfer Al Bentley took the competition title in a 40 knot final epic over Tom Taylor. ( more )

Posted On:  05/12/2012 12:11:19

Strong winds prevailed at the South Americans Freestyle and Brazilian slalom GP in Camocim.  ......( more )

Wave and Slalom South American Championships Fortaleza Ceara
Posted On:  03/12/2012 09:24:54

Wilhelm Schurmann reports:  This year, the Wind Brasil event celebrated its 15th anniversary, the event has happened in 7 different locations in the course of its history and hosted many championships in different disciplines such as freestyle, wave, slalom and formula.  . . . Read more on Starboard.com

Posted On:  24/11/2012 10:35:01

Levi lenz wins The South American Wave Championship and Wilhelm Schurmann wins The South American Slalom Championship. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/11/2012 16:50:14

"Children of the Wind", the documentary that has been three years in the making on the remarkable story of the Bonaire windsurfers Tonky and Taty Frans, their cousin Kiri Thode, and mentors Elvis Martinus and Patun Saragoza, took home three awards last weekend ......( more )

Posted On:  19/11/2012 09:53:12

The action at the tour stop in Six Fours les Plages has been captured here with a lot of style, in a high quality and amazing light. Get a perfect insight on the atmosphere at this great event by watching the clip. Enjoy.

Posted On:  07/11/2012 08:28:11

The prize giving ceremony at Weymouth would not only announce the event winner for the Centaur King of the Wind, but also the overall 2012 European Champion.

......( more )
Posted On:  07/11/2012 06:51:36

The winds returned and the freestyle action could continue on the final day of the 2012 IFCA European Freestyle Championships. Finally the Youths finals between Yentel Caers and Rafael de Windt could be completed ......( more )

Posted On:  05/11/2012 20:09:19

Day 3. Sunshine, 20 knots, a finished double elimination and the big night tow in show!

Starting the double at 9.30 am this morning it became obvious quite quickly who went into it with the intention to make a come back! ......( more )

SA Freestyle Championship - Date Change!
Posted On:  05/11/2012 17:04:22

Please note date change for the 2012 South American Freestyle Championship to 30th November - 2nd December 2012, Camocim - Ce, Brasil.  This is now one week after Wind Brasil, the Slalom and Save South American Championships, because of national holidays from 15th to 18th November.  See Notice of Race

Posted On:  03/11/2012 12:30:14

Day 5 - Another waiting day with warmer temperatures and again lots of activities.

A bike tour was organized by Adrenalina mountain bike team a local biking association which took us on a approx 16km beautiful ride through the Nature Park of Kamenjak.......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2012 06:19:10

The second day of the event started off with a lot of excitement with shaking threes since the early mornings. The skippers meeting was held at 10am with the first possible start set for 11am.......( more )

Posted On:  31/10/2012 08:57:58

Inscription took place at 10am with 15 riders registered, followed by first skippers meeting with a event crew introduction and a presentation of the Kamenjak Nature Park. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2012 08:50:17

What a phenomenal 5 days of contest here at the AWT final tour stop at Ho'okipa Maui! Everyone was in agreement that there hadn't been a competition like it at Ho'okipa for a very long time. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2012 08:43:34

Day 5 of the EFE/EFPT tour stop here in the South of France should have seen the 36 competitors on the water one more time as the forecast looked very promising for the morning. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/10/2012 15:16:37

A phenomenal 117 competitors from 24 countries came and signed up for the AWT Maui Makani Classic 2012 Presented by Neilpryde at the opening party on Wednesday night. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/10/2012 15:57:26

The Miami Slalom Open took place this weekend at Virginia Key, Miami, FL - a downwind slalom windsurfing race, 3 to 5 jibe finishing at the beach, every Class having a separate start. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/10/2012 09:51:10

Top British riders have made their way to Tiree for the next round of the British Wavesailing tour. Tiree has an abundance of spots to chose from, meaning that virtually any wind directions can produce great conditions. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/10/2012 14:50:55

Every household name in windsurfing has, at one stage or another, come to cut their teeth on Maui's Northshore playground. To sail here is a right of passage and every grom, amateur and hopeful Pro alike dreams of one day being inducted into the much coveted Ho'okipa hall of fame.......( more )

Posted On:  08/10/2012 06:32:14

No other Brazilian State offers such a diverse range of landscapes as Ceara. Beaches, the hinterlands, mountain ranges and historical cities blend together to form one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/10/2012 13:22:59

The final stop on the EFPT tour is heading to Weymouth with XPLG organising the first ever UK round of the European Freestyle Professional Windsurf Tour. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/09/2012 13:58:01

The Official Program of the event has been published.  Register before the 2nd of October to claim your 30 euro discount! ......( more )

Posted On:  18/09/2012 09:47:07

Check out the trailer of the EFE/EFPT's upcoming stage in Six Fours les plages, South France, from 27th to 31st of October. The trailer features 'Team France Windsurf' Freestylers Adrien Bosson and Antony Ruenes pumping up their moves on the spot of Le Brusc.......( more )

Posted On:  16/09/2012 09:58:49

On the final day at the Go!Globo Slalom World Championships on Paros, there seemed to be more wind than forecast, and an early start to racing was anticipated. ......( more )

Posted On:  14/09/2012 18:30:07

Only one further race could be completed today at the Go!Globo Slalom Windsurfing World Championships on Paros.  The day started with light wind from the south-west......( more )

Posted On:  13/09/2012 10:31:59

There are 22 racers from 8 countries, 2 continents, racing in 2 heats of 11 competitors.  After registration on Tuesday it was possible to run just two races. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/09/2012 11:53:19

After the negotiations with the organiser in West Wittering (UK) remained unsuccessful concerning the staging of the final EFPT tour stop in 2012, two young motivated windsurfers stepped into the game and asked about the possibility of organising the 2012 EFPT showdown in Weymouth, UK......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2012 12:45:40

There were 200 windsurfers and 100 kiteboarders ready to challenge themselves in one giant fleet on the starting line.......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2012 10:02:58

Despite having worked on the event during the whole summer, the organization staff of the upcoming European Funboard Expression (EFE) is now working harder to welcome, at the end of October in Six Fours, a great bunch of the best European freestylers. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/09/2012 11:18:07

A great headline sponsor - Globo PLC - has come on board for the IFCA Slalom Worlds at Paros and the Poseidon, a 5* hotel on the beach, is offering accommodation at 25 euros per person (50% off!).  And there's more:  ......( more )

Posted On:  28/08/2012 11:11:33

The 2012 IFCA Freestyle European Championship for Pro Kids, Junior & Youth is set to kick off on 30th October running to 4thNovember 2012 at an amazing venue - Premantura, Cape Kamenjak, Skoljic Bay, Croatia.......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2012 11:24:04

Just over two weeks until the start of the SUNWIND PAROS IFCA SLALOM WORLDS taking place 10-15 September at the Sun Wind Surf Club, Golden Beach, Paros, Greece. Get those entries in!!......( more )

Posted On:  11/08/2012 12:40:22

Notice of Race has been published for the 2012 SUN WIND PAROS IFCA SLALOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP which will take place from 10th to 15th September 2012 at the Sun Wind Surf Club, Golden Beach, Paros, Greece.  ......( more )

Posted On:  15/07/2012 11:06:01

There was no chance of running a third complete round for the masters so winner of round 2, Andrea Rosati (ITA 0) becomes 2012 Masters Slalom Champion because ". . . ......( more )

Posted On:  14/07/2012 09:43:07

It was an early start for the Masters on Day 4 of the IFCA JYM Slalom Worlds in Torbole with the skippers meeting at 0700, first possible start at 0800.  Alas the wind failed to show until early afternoon when it slowly started to build from the south.  ......( more )

Posted On:  13/07/2012 09:05:17

After skippers meeting the wind was slow to build on Thursday.  The girls were able to complete their round. Emilie Lallement (FRA 494) is now at the top of the leaderhoard, Andrea Vanhoorne (BEL 26) second and Lisa El Mouahidine (FRA 931) third. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2012 19:43:41

Skippers meeting was at 10.00 am sharp. AP was up but the wind promised to be good by 1.00 pm. With 12-15 knots, conditions were perfect for the start of the first masters heat, ......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2012 07:02:59

At close of registration a record number competitors: 147 from 23 countries and 3 continents at the IFCA Junior Youth and Masters Slalom Worlds in Lake Garda, Circolo Surf Torbole. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/07/2012 12:29:30
Posted On:  26/06/2012 13:50:24

Already 20 countries are represented on the pre-entry list for the IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom Worlds, taking place at the world renowned Circolo Surf Torbole on the shores of beautiful Lake Garda, Italy from 9th to 14th July.  ......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2012 05:37:35

Day 5, the final day of the the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships presented by SONY.......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2012 05:36:37

The 4th competition day started off slow with super light winds.  It was a perfect day for the local public to spend time on the beach, it got super busy right after lunch time and a sup (stand up paddle) contest was organized for everyone who wanted to join. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/06/2012 09:28:43

Finally a sunny windy morning, a perfect day for the official windsurf freestyle competition here at the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships presented by SONY.......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2012 07:03:47

Bright skies and steaming temperatures on the second day of the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships. After the skippers meeting a group picture was taken on the beach in front the event site. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/06/2012 07:15:43

The day started off cloudy with temperatures around the 26 degrees, the first skippers of the event was held in the riders lounge area at 13:00 after the inscriptions took place. The general event information and the event crew were presented to the riders. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/06/2012 11:32:41

The French European Funboard Expression freestyle contest will host an EFPT stage this year!  Six Fours Les Plages - 27-31 October 2012.......( more )

Posted On:  07/06/2012 09:53:04

Just a few days remaining to grab your eur 30 discount on pre-entry to the Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom Worlds taking place from 9th to 14th July 2012 at Circolo Surf Torbole, Torbole sul Garda, Trentino, Italy ......( more )

Posted On:  03/06/2012 09:45:43

Have you made your plans yet to attend the third annual running of the Pistol River Wave Bash on June 14-17, 2012? This year Naish has stepped up as the presenting sponsor and with 60 competitors already registered we're expecting it to be the best one yet.

Posted On:  27/05/2012 13:53:24

The IFCA Slalom World Championships for women and the European Championships for men 2012 saw some more action on the water on the fourth and final day of the competition in Roses, Catalunya, Spain. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/05/2012 10:10:50

Roses is hosting this year's Women's World Championship and European Men's Windsurfing Slalom - see some highlights on video

Posted On:  23/05/2012 10:43:05

Day Three - There's really nothing in the points between the top three men.  After three rounds, it is Matteo Iachino ITA 140 who is at the top of the leaderboard ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2012 09:44:46

Sylvain and Benoit Moussilmani are twins and both champions of internationally recognized windsurfing. Respectively, 2010 World Champion and two times Champion of France, they have already done much for their sport and are now the ambassadors of a whole generation of riders.......( more )

Posted On:  08/05/2012 10:34:19

The Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival will be remembered for years to come as an epic contest. We had amazing wind and waves over two days of competition. What a great way to kick off the 2012 AWT tour. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/05/2012 15:52:47

Yesterday night, the Chiemsee European Tow In Championship went into its last round. The atmosphere was electric and never before has such a large number of people been seen at a tow-in event. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/04/2012 11:13:44

With the World Tour suffering some setbacks and several events cancelled, the AWT are very happy to announce the addition of a new tour stop. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2012 12:54:10

Kai Katchadourian talks about the 2012 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival to be held at his homespot of Waddell Creek, California

Posted On:  05/04/2012 07:25:09

Notice is hereby given that the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the IFCA Council will be held on the 24th May, during the European Championships.  The exact venue will be posted on the Official Notice Board of GEN Roses, the championship host.......( more )

Curacao Challenge 2012
Posted On:  31/03/2012 12:27:30

The 4th edition of the Curacao Challenge will be held on the 17-18-19-20 of May 2012! The event is open for registration. Register before 1 May to receive the Early Bird Discount rate! For more information about the the event and to register go to the event website.

Posted On:  21/03/2012 10:10:03

For the first time in the history of the sport, the riders participating in the contest will battle for the title of the tow-in freestyle windsurfing European champion. What's more, 5.000 euros will be the prize money at stake! . . . ( more )

Posted On:  20/03/2012 09:13:08

Due to unforseen circumstances, not within the power of the organisers, it has been necessary to cancel the following championships.  However, we are close to finalising new venues for both events. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/03/2012 12:35:20

Unfortunately also the last day of the event did not allow a competition, as there were just no waves.  The winning team of the 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic: Andrew Fawcett, Federico Infantino, Nicole Boronat and Yannick Anton. Congratulations!......( more )

Posted On:  19/03/2012 11:53:38

The first round of the Championnat de France Funboard 2012 Pro-Am Wave/Slalom to be held from 7 to 14 April 2012 in Bretagne.  Foreign riders are welcome! ......( more )

Posted On:  13/03/2012 10:35:23

The second international IFCA/EFPT Freestyle Judging Clinic took place in Gent/Belgium from 2nd to 4th March 2012. Participants from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Latvia and Poland took part ......( more )

Posted On:  06/03/2012 13:59:48

IFCA will be making a welcome return to Circolo Surf Torbole in July when the club will be hosting the IFCA Junior Youth & Masters Slalom World Championship.......( more )

Posted On:  06/03/2012 13:46:34

Marseille, France, will be the venue for the 2012 SONY Pro Kids, Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship.......( more )

Posted On:  29/02/2012 15:41:48

The countdown for the Surf Worldcup 2012 in Podersdorf, Austria already began one day after it finished last year. Organisers began to raise the attention of the more than 15,500 followers on Facebook, Twitter and the official homepage. 60 days to go and riders, the industry and spectators are heating up for one of the highlights of the year.......( more )

Posted On:  16/02/2012 16:04:48

The 10th annual Storm Rider event is coming this Friday, 17th February, Bat Galim beach, Haifa, Israel.   Here we go again ...

Posted On:  14/02/2012 13:55:31

IFCA returns to the Costa Brava and the Bay of Roses for its combined Mens Slalom European Championship and Womens Slalom World Championship.......( more )

Posted On:  09/02/2012 15:50:37

Students from South Africa and Latvia have confirmed already... hurry to reserve your place before they are all gone!!

The 3 Day clinic contains all aspects of freestyle judging freestyle event set up, rules and event management.......( more )

Posted On:  09/02/2012 09:53:43

Excellent wind conditions with 20+ knots saw exciting Slaloms with local and international competitors. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/02/2012 09:12:25

This year's Downwind Dash saw 237 competitors battle it out on the long distance run from Langebaan all the way down to the port of Saldana. The famous event that takes the attention of South Africa every year is a long distance......( more )

Posted On:  26/01/2012 11:43:07
Minutes before the Lancelin Ocean Classic kicked off, its competitors resembled models scurrying backstage at a fashion show. ......( more )
Posted On:  26/01/2012 10:38:10

The 2012 Fuerteventura Wave Classic dates have been confirmed with a holding period of March 17-24th. If the PWA Cabo Verde contest is rubber-stamped by the local Government and Neptune is generous, then March could be a mega month of wave sailing action!

Posted On:  24/01/2012 09:48:44

When: 2-4 March 2012
Where: SportsHotel Bloso / Ghent - Belgium

The 3 Day clinic contains all aspects of freestyle judging freestyl event set up, rules and event management.......( more )

Posted On:  12/01/2012 09:56:22

Wilhelm Schurmman, BRA 999, was the undisputed champion although Alex Guyader, ESP 5, in second place overall took three more bullets in the last three rounds. Ricardo Santos, BRA 1, held on to his third place.

Nikola Girke was a convincing winner in the slalom ladies. Marina Alabau kept second place and Moana Belle stayed in third position. FINAL RESULTS......( more )

Posted On:  08/01/2012 21:43:15

With a total distance of 42km and reaching legs of 7km in a figure eight slalom set up, it was indeed a "leg burner" distance for the group of 43 sailors.......( more )

Posted On:  05/01/2012 14:12:07
JAWS . . . 1ST BREAK OF 2012 by Jimmy Hepp
Posted On:  05/01/2012 14:03:29

Some awesome pics by Jimmy Hepp

SA Freestyle Championships - postponed
Posted On:  12/12/2011 16:57:19

Due to unforseen circumstances it has been necessary to postpone the South American Freestyle Championships scheduled for Jericoacoara, Brasil, this weekend.

All being well the event will take place at the end of January - 26th to 29th.  A new Notice of Race will be published when the arrangements are confirmed.

Posted On:  11/12/2011 09:13:33
In Asia it's quite popular to start Slalom races with a beach start. At this year's Kagegawa Surf Slalom, a tourstop on the JPWA tour, the competitors had to start out of the water with a beach start as well. And directly afterwards they had to pass breaking waves with a lot of white water and stormy wind. That's Slalom racing in really difficult conditions. And don't stop watching the clip. You will see some crazy crashes. (From Continent Seven)
Posted On:  09/12/2011 10:39:32

After the South American Formula championship, it was time to switch disciplines for our slalom nationals. On Thursday morning, Gabriel Browne and myself met up with Mathias Pinheiro and took off to Icaraizinho on his big cargo van packed with equipment, this way we managed to get two days of good training where Gabriel and I used from iSonic 86 to iSonic 107.......( more )

Posted On:  28/11/2011 09:06:04

180 kilometers from the city of San Juan, on the northeastern end of the Province, Cuesta del Viento (wind slope) contains one of the strangest and most unknown spots in our country, which combines the aridity of a lunar scenery with the turquoise transparency of a water mirror. ......( more )

Posted On:  27/11/2011 07:18:31

The European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour (EFPKT) is the result of a collaboration between the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA), the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT).......( more )

Posted On:  27/11/2011 06:01:53

The Brasilian Windsurfing Association (ABWS) are to organise the 2011 IFCA/South American Freestyle Championships in Jericoacoara from 16th to 18th December.......( more )

Posted On:  27/11/2011 05:57:47

Looking Back, Looking Forward on the AWT, the American Windsurfing Tour

The AWT just saw its final event on Maui at the beginning of November 2011. Nathan Mershan won the pro class category of the AWT tour, Morgan Noireaux the Youth Class, Ingrid Larouche the ladies category, Royn Bartholdi the masters men and Jordan Reid the amateur ranking. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/11/2011 11:09:14

Re-scheduled for Spring 2012

Ghent-Belgium / 2-4 March 2012 / Sportshotel Bloso

For info, bruno.ifca@pandora.be or skype me at bruno.ifca......( more )

Posted On:  04/11/2011 10:44:20

Last leg of the AFF Slalom/waves pro/am French championship this week in Six Fours, south of France. A national championship named "Classic Tour" by the FFV French Sailing Federation. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/11/2011 12:45:33

Clouds and rain showed up on the last day of the efpkt finals and the 3rd edition of the European Fun board Expression.......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2011 08:26:51

25-27 Novembre 2011 / SportsHotel Bloso, Ghent - Belgium

To be re-scheduled for Spring 2012

For inf bruno.ifca@pandora.be or skype me at bruno.ifca......( more )

Sean O'Brien reports from the Miami IFCA Slalom
Posted On:  30/10/2011 10:02:08

When I think of Miami, what comes to mind is cruising South Beach, hitting LIV, Mango's, the Mansion, Sunday sessions at Nikki Beach, chilling at the rooftop pool at the G Hotel; and it totally is! But if you head a little further down from the strip to a place called Virginia Keys . . . . (more)

Posted On:  28/10/2011 17:33:01

After a long week of Wave and Slalom battles during the AFF French Championship on the beaches of Six Fours and Hyeres, local club "Six Fours Windsurf Organization" has a single day of rest before moving on to another event, the third edition of the Wave and Freestyle Championship "European Funboard Expression."......( more )

Posted On:  05/10/2011 10:37:20

Crowned with multiple world titles, local sailor Valerie Ghibaudo-Arrighetti is THE French champion in the slalom discipline: Vice World Champion in 2008, World Champion in 2009 and Vice World Champion again in 2010! ......( more )

Posted On:  04/10/2011 09:22:14

The European Freestyle Pro Tour management in collaboration with Eilat's local organisation board has to withdraw the EFPT event in Eilat from the 2011 tour calendar.......( more )

Posted On:  20/09/2011 11:26:08
Posted On:  12/09/2011 08:50:19

All fleets had sailed two rounds by the end of day one, with the exception of the masters.  Frustrated by the lack of wind, the race committee were eventually able to sail the masters runners up on Saturday......( more )

Posted On:  09/09/2011 07:08:51

The equipment list has been published.  Day one of racing brought very challenging winds, shifting up and down, but 2 rounds for women, youths and juniors, and one round for the masters, were completed.......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2011 10:18:41

Registration is now complete and we have 90 competitors from 12 countries, 2 continents, so it's a great entry.  ......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2011 15:20:37

Registration is now open for the EFPKT Alacati from 21-23 October.  E-mail to enter

IFCA North American Slalom
Posted On:  30/08/2011 09:36:24
Notice of Race has now been published for the IFCA North American Slalom Championship 2011 to be held at Virginia Key Park, Miami, Florida from 21-23 October.  More info and enter on-line / Facebook Event Page
Posted On:  23/08/2011 16:55:38
After more than five years, and a nerve-wrecking Alaçati event where one mistake could prove fatal, Bjorn walks away with another event win and the 2011 Slalom title.
Posted On:  08/08/2011 20:43:43

Entries are now starting to come in and we already have confirmation that rivals 18 year old Jordy Vonk from the Netherlands and Jocelyn de Souza from France, who will be 19 by the time of the event, will be attending.......( more )

Posted On:  07/08/2011 06:48:40

Justin Denel (FRA) the first Junior windsurfing World Champion in Wavesailing. In second place, Alex Vargas from Chile, followed by Arthur Job (BRA) and Alessio Botteri (PER).

Erick Razzera (BRA)  the first Youth windsurfing Worlds Champion in Wavesailing.  In second place of this big event Zane Schweitzer (USA). Third place Youth was given to Christian Saurer (BRA). ......( more )

Posted On:  06/08/2011 20:44:01

A chilly sunny morning with no wind. A few activities were discussed at the skippers meeting and one hour after the riders were having a beach soccer competition. The locals won with 7:3 against the other riders from the different nations.......( more )

Posted On:  05/08/2011 07:41:00

On the first day of the joint event with the Quicksilver King of the Groms and the Roxy surf Camp we found ourselves in an interesting Belgian summer weather with light winds, small waves and a bright smiling sun with lots of local beach goers who came to hang out on the beautiful sandy beach in front of the Twins Beach Club.......( more )

Posted On:  31/07/2011 08:00:17

From 7th to 11th September Almanarre will host the 2011 IFCA Junior, Youth, Women & Masters Slalom Championship.  Not only are there European Championship titles up for grabs but also the 2011 IFCA Women's Slalom World Champion will be declared at this event.......( more )

Posted On:  26/07/2011 10:15:00

We are very near to the start of the first Wavesailing Junior and Youth Worlds Championship of our sport, and more competitors start to arrive to the event. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/07/2011 12:15:42

The winners of the IFCA PRO KIDS World Championships were announced today after the final rounds continued this morning here at Brouwersdam.  Final Results

Posted On:  24/07/2011 10:56:35

The third day of the IFCA ProKids World Championships started with a mellow cloudy morning. After the skippers meeting the riders were put on standby. This time not for too long as the sun shine finally came through and the wind slowly started to pick up.......( more )

Posted On:  23/07/2011 12:30:12

22 July - On the first competition day the skippers meeting took place at 10am sharp. The kids were all excited and ready to go but, unfortunately the wind forecast didn't look too promising here at Brouwersdam ......( more )

Posted On:  22/07/2011 19:35:22

21 July - At 10am the Skippersmeeting took place and all the important information was shared with the competitors.......( more )

Posted On:  20/07/2011 07:29:06

There is just 11 days left to begin the first and historical IFCA Junior and Youth Wavesailing Worlds Championship in Lobitos, Piura (PERU). At this moment it is confirmed the participation from 3 continents what gives to this first title a very special importance in the windsurfing world. ......( more )

Slalom Ranking List Update
Posted On:  19/07/2011 09:45:14
The ranking list has been updated following the IFCA Worlds and Italian Championships. A reminder to all National Authorities to send in results as soon as possible following their qualifying events.
Posted On:  18/07/2011 08:43:38

With just a few days to go the organisation is busy preparing the venue and some competitors are arriving already. Wednesday registration starts at 10:00 till 17:00. Racing will be starting at Thursday 11:00 (skippersmeeting 10:00)

The wind forecast looks very promising with 11 to 16 knots during the whole event.

Entering the Championships is still possible on Wednesday during registration.

Posted On:  15/07/2011 15:44:09

Windsurfing Young Stars jump in their tracks to chase the first IFCA Junior & Youth Wavesailing World Title Medal in Peru.  This year is very special for Wavesailing, as IFCA has decided to give their first medal for Junior & Youth world title at Windsurfing sport.......( more )

Posted On:  15/07/2011 13:30:26

Mr. Jan Andres, owner of Flisvos Sportclub and local event organiser of the Naxos Prince of the Wind 2009, sent us, with regrets, news about the EFPT event in Naxos. Due to the current financial situation in Greece it was not possible to attract funding for the event. The Naxos Prince of the Wind 2011 is cancelled.......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2011 21:08:30

Exciting medal races on the final day at Texel and the victory for the German Bernd Flessner, Kasper Larsen second and Damien Le Guen in third. FINAL RESULTS ......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2011 14:06:35

Today was the fourth day of the Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands and again the spot at Paal 17 delivered windy conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  24/06/2011 14:47:57

Today was the third day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands. After three more downwind slalom races, with 5 jibing marks, the German Bernd Flessner is still leading the ranking.......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2011 18:21:39

Today was the second day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands. After 5 races the German Bernd Flessner is still leading the ranking in front of the French Damien Le Guen. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2011 09:44:33

Report by ContinentSeven.com on the first day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2011 20:21:50

Bernd Flessner, GER 16, ends day one at the top of the leaderboard at the IFCA Slalom Worlds in Texel after 2 eliminations; Damien LeGuen, FRA 86, is second and Vincent Langer, GER 122, is third. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2011 20:08:18
The windsurfers were early on the beach today and were looking forward to the waves and the strong winds. Today starts the Slalom Windsurfing World Championships.......( more )
Posted On:  19/06/2011 12:14:01
In just six weeks - from 31 July to 7th August - IFCA's first Junior and Youth Wavesailing World Championship will happen in Lobitos (PERU), a place considered by many people as one of the longest and most perfect waves of the world.......( more )
Posted On:  10/06/2011 19:01:25

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 23rd June 2011 in Texel has now been published.

Posted On:  02/06/2011 12:49:37

Christos Tsitsimelis, operator of Zakel windsurfing - a Greek windsurfing blog - was the first who noticed the hazy sight. "If you can't see the mainland, there will be wind for sure" . . . Read more on EFPT.net

Posted On:  02/06/2011 12:34:31
The first stop of the EFPKT took place on the coast lines of Birchington, a village Northeast of Kent in England. Minnis Bay is a friendly beach with perfect conditions for sailing, windsurfing and coastal walking routes. ......( more )
Posted On:  25/05/2011 07:15:16

IFCA are proud to announce that the 2011 Junior and Youth Wave World Championships will take place in Lobitos, Peru, from 31st July to 7th August.......( more )

Posted On:  19/05/2011 20:16:23

Thursday offered North Westerly winds, some nice swell and sunshine - but unfortunately not quite enough to run any heats! Did the competitors enjoy some rest ready for the closing party? Not exactly!

Posted On:  19/05/2011 11:28:52

The Annual General Meeting of the International Funboard Class Association will take place during the World Championships hosted in Texel, Netherlands.......( more )

Posted On:  14/05/2011 11:16:11

Coming up in July, the IFCA Pro Kids Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship.  Preparations on site are well ahead and on-line entry is open ......( more )

Posted On:  10/05/2011 09:35:54

The EFPKT is back this year with a selection of 5 confirmed events throughout Europe.......( more )

American Windsurfing Tour - Santa Cruz Classic
Posted On:  08/05/2011 13:14:04

Over 70 riders from all over have gathered at Waddell Creek, just north of Santa Cruz, to compete in the first event of the American Windsurfing Tour - catch all the action here 

Guglielmino Wins South American Wave Riding Championships 2011
Posted On:  30/04/2011 06:12:02

Strong wind and spectacular waves were the perfect combination for the South American Windsurfing Waves Pro 2011 "Copa El Faro Adventure Resort presented by Cementos Pacasmayo, the IPD and Jeep." . . . . (More)

Euro Freestyle Pro Kids Tour
Posted On:  27/04/2011 20:49:42

Minnis Bay, UK - Saturday 28th to Monday 30th May - venue info has been published.

Posted On:  26/04/2011 06:54:42

The wind conditions were far from great, which is unusual on Curacao this time of year. Still, the race directors and competitors managed to sail one elimination round so official World Champions could be crowned.......( more )

Posted On:  24/04/2011 06:09:22

Late afternoon the wind picked up and the race director decided to go for it. Heats were held until nightfall, which is around 19:00 PM on Curacao. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/04/2011 11:11:18

The 2011 Womens Slalom World Championship originally scheduled for Texel in June has been rescheduled and will now take place in Almanarre in September.......( more )

Posted On:  23/04/2011 07:28:18

Alex Morales just sent us this great link - Presented by windsurfingtour.com and boardheads.net, this vid showcases the 2010 IFCA North American Slalom Championships attended by racers from around the US and Caribbean, including superstar Micah Buzianis.

Posted On:  23/04/2011 06:59:01
Still no official IFCA races today due to lack of wind. We were able to hold a funrace. All competitors were asked to participate, and it was a surprise that there were approximately 70 contestants. Everybody is eager to go surfing! ......( more )
Posted On:  23/04/2011 06:54:33
. . . time for a questionnaire with two time ICFA World champ and real contender this year.
Fun while waiting for wind!
Posted On:  22/04/2011 16:50:19
The wind speeds are picking up but today still not enough for a solid race. The next three days are looking good.

Meanwhile, some competitors, who are normally more into freestyle, got behind the jet-ski for a session right in front of the beach. Afterwards a SUP race was organized.

View Pics

Posted On:  21/04/2011 13:49:23

So Ben, can you tell us your main reason why you are here at Curacao?
I'm here to help and coach some windsurfers: Jordy Vonk, Coen Swijnenburg and some masters, including Nikaj Droop. Besides that, I'm competing in the Sports Class.......( more )

Posted On:  20/04/2011 21:05:41
There hasn't been any races on Day 1. The wind stayed steady around 8 knots (a minimum of 11 knots is needed). Predictions for the next couple of days are looking good though.......( more )
Posted On:  20/04/2011 12:15:04

The IFCA Slalom World Championships on Curacao has officially started with a grand opening ceremony. With 85 competitors from 16 different countries from 4 different continents, this is the biggest windsurfing event on Curacao since the 90's.......( more )

Posted On:  19/04/2011 12:09:37

So Marco, the Worlds is coming up. How do you prepare?......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2011 07:33:37

The British WaveSailing Association (BWA) 2011 Tour gets underway in May with the first event at Rhosneigr, Wales on May 6-8th.......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2011 07:21:49

The South American Wavesailing Championship "El Faro Adventure Resort Cup 2011" will take place in Pacasmayo (Peru) from April 20th to April 24th. And this year you will have the chance to follow in the event online by TV webcast second by second, heat by heat all what happens there. ......( more )

Sebastian Kornum - Danish Sportsperson of the Year
Posted On:  18/04/2011 07:17:00

18-yr old Danish windsurfer Sebastian Kornum got some good exposure for the sport by winning the Danish Sportsperson of the Year Award sponsored by Sparbank.

Posted On:  05/04/2011 11:12:22

Once again the international Kids Camp of the Rene Egli Windsurf Academy - powered by Starboard - for Freestyle - Slalom - Speed will take place at Playa Sotavento on Fuerteventura! Already for the 9th time the successful camp with 24 hours supervision will take place from 06.07-16.07.2011.......( more )

Posted On:  02/04/2011 11:08:53

It was the last day of the Copa ONA III at El Yaque Beach this Sunday, and again the wind played game, for the last Slalom Races and the Kite Freestyle, while the crowds invaded the small village and gave the Competitors the right motivation for another great show right at the Beach......( more )

Posted On:  27/03/2011 10:04:15

Registration is now open for the 2011 IFCA Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship to be hosted by Surfcentrum Brouwersdam from 20th to 24th July.......( more )

Posted On:  25/03/2011 09:40:50

Pacasmayo (PERU) is ready to receive all South American competitors for one of the most amazing Wavesailing events of the year. This championship will take place between April 20th and 24th and will include also prize money.......( more )

Posted On:  17/03/2011 11:21:08

Oxbow Ride the Sky presented by Naish will take the sport of windsurfing to world-record breaking heights on Maui in April.......( more )

Posted On:  16/03/2011 17:08:38

Introducing Trade Wind Event's break out 2011 American Windsurfing Tour. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/03/2011 09:50:29
The Taranaki Windsurf Club with the help of Carbon Art and Rodgers Dental announce the 2011 New Zealand Wave Nationals running from Friday April 22 09:00 to Monday, April 25 17:50.......( more )
Posted On:  05/03/2011 08:09:43

Insel Air is on board with the following deal:......( more )

Posted On:  25/02/2011 14:33:56

From April 19th through April 24th 2011, the IFCA Slalom World Championship for Prokids, Youth, Juniors and Masters will be held on Curacao.......( more )

Posted On:  24/02/2011 08:27:58

The 2011 European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour starts of in style hosted by UK Windsurfing Association at Minnis Bay, Kent - in the south east corner of England. The event runs from 28th to 30th May.......( more )

Posted On:  21/02/2011 13:55:58

The stand-by contest Storm Rider 2011, with the waiting period between 20.01. - 20.02.2011, took place on 16th of February. The wave competition took place at Bat Galim beach, Haifa, Israel.......( more )

Posted On:  21/02/2011 12:53:35

It was a great event with a good amount of wind Day one with 13-20 knots and Day 2 with 25-35 knots. After 18 rounds in total, Dunedin's Gareth Wood held a clear six-point advantage over James Dinnis (Taranaki) and Rowan Law (Perth), to claim the national title, but as Wood was not racing the Formula 42 board, he did not qualify for the Oceania title. That title went to Law, from Paul Vliestra (Dunedin), second, and Terry Beentjes (Christchurch), third.

Posted On:  14/02/2011 11:19:16

On the final day of the South American Slalom Championships the racing started with 17/18 knots, it kept going up, and at the end they had 25 to 28 knots. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/02/2011 13:42:21

Be part of the 3S Wind Blast 2011 long distance windsurfing series! The aim of this tour is to gather and unite all national and international windsurfers of all levels. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/02/2011 12:55:36

Guadeloupe hosted the St Anne Windsurfing Wave Classic and with organizers Arnaud Berti and Martin running the show the competitors were treated to a world class event.......( more )

Posted On:  07/02/2011 20:37:07

Binh Thuan Province and Jibe's Beach Club are proud to announce details for the coming NOA 12th Vietnam Fun Cup coming up on the 18th and 19th of February.......( more )

Posted On:  02/02/2011 11:13:08

Juan Pablo Montoya Roldan was born on September 20, 1975. He's a Colombian race car driver known worldwide for his participation in CART, Formula One and NASCAR races. ......( more )

Posted On:  31/01/2011 17:02:55

The 6th Annual La Ventana Classic Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and SUP race in Baja Mexico kicked off this past January 20th where the competition doubles as a fundraiser for our the local schools and community of Baja.......( more )

Posted On:  22/01/2011 13:47:52

The Notice of Race for the 2011 IFCA Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship has just been published. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/01/2011 20:08:25

In its 9th year the EFPT combines proved spots with two newcomers and raises the show factor of the sport of freestyle windsurfing.......( more )

Posted On:  18/01/2011 14:15:59

The 2011 Fuerteventura Wave Classic entry list is now out - ......( more )

Posted On:  11/01/2011 10:04:04

Bjoern Dunkerbeck and Karin Jaggi won the Ledge to Lancelin Long distance section of the event but Locals took the podium in elite wave sailing at 2011 Lancelin Ocean Classic.......( more )

Posted On:  09/01/2011 05:58:11

This is the longest running windsurfing event in Asia. This is a true wind rider's festival, with great racing during the day and huge parties in the evening, this has been and remains the spirit since its creation.

Posted On:  04/01/2011 12:32:54
The EFPT´s new season, its 9th year, combines the most successful events from the past years and two newcomers in heretofore untouched areas.
Posted On:  04/01/2011 11:59:48

As you can see from the 2011 calendar published on the new look IFCA website 'funboarders' are promised an exciting year of competition!......( more )

Posted On:  28/12/2010 12:16:28

The 2011 IFCA Slalom World Championship will be held in conjunction with the 34th Edition of the Round Texel Race. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/12/2010 09:11:06

The 2011 IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championship will take place on the beautiful island of Curacao. The event will be hosted by the organisers of the Curacao Challenge ......( more )

Coming up . . . IFCA North American Slalom 2011
Posted On:  17/12/2010 11:23:39

Notice of Race will be published soon for the North American Championship taking place in Miami next October.

Posted On:  14/12/2010 11:16:21
Posted On:  26/11/2010 21:14:11

Notice of Race for the 2010 IFCA Freestyle South American Championships to be held in Canoa Quebrada, Ceara, Brazil, from December 17th to 19th has now been published.

Posted On:  24/11/2010 09:12:14

A new slalom ranking list has now been published following the World Championships recently held in Brazil.  26 year old Antoine Questel from France occupies the top spot and the four places immediately behind him are now filled by Brazilians.......( more )

Posted On:  22/11/2010 08:53:28

It was an inauspicious start to the championship for Frenchman Sylvain.  Brazilian Gabriel Browne took the first bullet of the competition winning the first round and Frenchman Julien Quentel took the second.  ......( more )

Posted On:  21/11/2010 07:11:28

French sailor Alice Arutkin, 18, has won every round so she has been announced Women's Slalom World Champion a day early.......( more )

Posted On:  20/11/2010 12:16:13

Two more rounds completed on Day 3 of the IFCA "Wind Brasil " Slalom World Championships - and it is all change at the top of the mens ranking!......( more )

Posted On:  19/11/2010 15:25:34

January 12-16, 2011 - book your ticket to Baja, and be part of the premier Lord of the Wind Showdown - an international kite boarding, windsurfing, and standup paddleboard competition. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/11/2010 11:31:50

At the end of the second day of the Slalom Worlds, Julien Quentel leads with 5.7 points followed by Sylvain Moussilmani and Gabriel Browne, tied, one point behind. Antoine Questel won the last race and is now the 4th in the race for the Slalom World Title.......( more )

Posted On:  18/11/2010 16:13:18

The finals of the EFPKT took place from the 10th to 14th of November, on the South East coast of France on the beaches of the Six Fours Windsurf Organisation.  This event was the last of the series, the results of which determined the IFCA Junior and Youth European Freestyle titles:......( more )

Posted On:  18/11/2010 11:02:01

Day one of racing at the 2010 IFCA Slalom Worlds and 2 full rounds completed.

Alice Arutkin (FRA 111) dominated the ladies division; but competition was a lot closer in the mens with Gabriel Browne (BRA 50) and Julien Quentel (FRA 421) both winning a round.......( more )

Posted On:  17/11/2010 13:34:50

The Dunedin Windsurfing Association will host the 2011 Oceanic Slalom Championships on Otago Harbour, Dunedin, NZL, from 16th to 20th February.......( more )

Posted On:  16/11/2010 08:49:58

First pictures from Flecheiras Beach as the competitors begin to arrive and take in their fantastic surroundings. Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

Posted On:  15/11/2010 10:48:54

Gabriel Browne took out the Brazilian Slalom Championship in Icaraizinho, Brazil, ahead of Starboard team mates Wilhelm Schurmann and Mathias Pinheiro

Posted On:  15/11/2010 10:41:08

IFCA, the Funboard Class, is invited to take part in the SIM 30th Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship, hosted by Windsurfing Association Singapore from 12th to 16th January 2011.

Posted On:  03/11/2010 15:28:16

Introducing Trade Wind Event's break out 2011 American Windsurfing Tour. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/11/2010 21:53:35

The 3rd edition of the Buzios International Regatta (BIR) will be hosted by Buzios Vela Clube in Armacao de Buzios, RJ, Brasil. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/11/2010 17:43:34

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 18th November 2010 at Fleixeiras Beach, Brasil has now been published.

Posted On:  29/10/2010 09:34:28

Today I visited Flecheiras in Ceara Brasil where in less than 3 weeks the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2010 will be held. I had a kind of flash-back. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/10/2010 12:50:09
Just 10 days left to enter the 2010 "WIND BRASIL" IFCA Slalom World Championship at the discounted pre-entry rate.......( more )
Posted On:  18/10/2010 08:36:37
I am back in Maui now after a long event in Sylt, which was very cold and some tough off shore conditions, getting ready for the IFCA North Americans in Miami. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/10/2010 06:36:34
The second date of the South American Wavesailing Championship was held in Ibiraquera (Brazil) from October 6-9th and saw the best windsurfers of the region and of the world battling for the title.......( more )
Posted On:  12/10/2010 06:08:46

Following the success of the previous edition launched in Nov. 2009, the "National Funboard Expression" will try in 2010 to bring together again all wave and freestyle addicts, pros and amateurs, on the spots of Six Fours in South France, from 10 to 14 November.......( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2010 15:43:30
WINDSURFING TOUR (WT Miami) will be the host of this year IFCA NORTH AMERICAN SLALOM CHAMPIONSHIP 2010.  The venue is Virginia Key Park. Miami, Florida, and the event will run from 21st to 24th October.......( more )
Posted On:  21/09/2010 13:20:01
IFCA President, Bruno de Wannemaeker, was asked - "Why are you looking forward to the forthcoming Slalom World Championships?"......( more )
Posted On:  21/09/2010 13:05:08
Congratulations to Antoine Albeau, who notched up another win at the WaterZ 2010 Festival by winning the Windsurf Downwind Race.  The top 5 finishers were: AA, Kasper Larsen, Andrea Cucchi, Ross Williams & Peter Volwater.......( more )
Production Slalom Board List - check out the latest registrations
Posted On:  19/09/2010 10:37:23
With the 2010 IFCA Slalom Worlds less than 2 months away there has been a frenzy of activity at ISAF HQ as brands get their latest models onto the official production board list.

Companies registering new boards include - Exocet, Fanatic, JP, Mistral, Naish, RRD, Starboard and Tabou.  Check out the FULL LIST- http://www.sailing.org/11671.php

Surf OM 2010 - Austrian & Slalom Championship 2010
Posted On:  15/09/2010 09:14:15
Don't miss the Austrian Championships coming up from 24th to 26th September in Podersdorf am Neusiedlersee / Nordstrand by STYLEHUNTERS supported by YACHT CLUB WEIDEN and WSA. Click here for the Notice of Race.
Posted On:  14/09/2010 11:42:05
"Children of the Wind" is a documentary about young children from the island of Bonaire who journey from humble beginnings to international fame in the sport of windsurfing, transforming not only their island but the face of the sport worldwide. ......( more )
Posted On:  28/08/2010 11:38:50
Alacati Surf Paradise Club play host to round 4 of the new freestyle tour  from 15th to 17th October.  Alacati has a proud record for hosting memorable freestyle and the upcoming event should be no exception!......( more )
Posted On:  28/08/2010 09:04:26
All Windsurfers - Grip it and Rip it - September 25/26th at the first Mana Mana East Coast AMSLAM Windsurfing Championships.......( more )
Posted On:  28/08/2010 08:45:40
Here's a short video to get you ready for the forthcoming South American Freestyle Championships in Brasil - a new clip by Morlima about the Brazilian freestyler Joao Henrique training at Icaraizinho, Brazil. "The conditions there were perfect", writes Joao, "with everyday wind between 25 - 30 knots". Unfortunately Joao broke his one and only board in the middle after one hour of filming.

Posted On:  28/08/2010 08:15:23
Hatteras Wave Jam is a festival celebrating wave sailing on the Outer Banks, of North Carolina. The Jam is geared to wavesailors of all ages and skill levels.......( more )
Posted On:  22/08/2010 11:46:16
1 year on, we are back on the shores of St Pierre, South West coast of this beautiful and welcoming island lost in Indian Ocean and welcome another great bunch of international waveriders, ready for another awesome team battle ......( more )
Posted On:  14/08/2010 12:56:15
Spoilt for choice, with so many great venues and beaches available to the organizers, Arrow Marketing finally selected Fleixeiras. ......( more )
Posted On:  13/08/2010 21:16:22
Explosive, athletic, simply impressive, these are the words we have in our mind when we think about the dominator of the last two years in the European Freestyle Pro Tour. Steven van Broeckhoven is the man who just won his second European title. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/08/2010 09:30:41
The first date of the South American Wavesailing championship July 20-24th "SAPET CUP" was awesome. We had good wind and wave conditions all the days so we completed all the double elimination series competition, with 22 competitors registered from Brasil, Peru, Chile and Colombia.......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2010 12:19:00
Follow Chris Freeman's blog:  "I have 60 days off from work and aim to show readers what Maui has to offer . . . The aim of the 60 Days of Summer Project is a simple one......( more )
Posted On:  30/07/2010 13:45:19

The 2010 IFCA Pro Kids Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championships in Sorbone, Bonaire, attracted 60 competitors aged between 19 and 9 years,competing to be World Champion Freestyle.......( more )

Posted On:  17/07/2010 07:51:51
This year's National Windsurfing Festival will hit the shores of Hayling Island in the UK, once more, over 4/5th September. Now in its 5th year, its unique agenda is aimed to support the UK free-ride market with its friendly, unintimidating master blaster format.......( more )
Posted On:  13/07/2010 18:55:01
Day One:
At the PR Windsurfing Slalom Series we had back to back races in slalom windsurfing, both in Pro and Weekend Warriors Divisions.  ......( more )
Posted On:  30/06/2010 11:41:53
Dear international competitors, we invite you to participate in the final event of the German Championships, the FLENS SURF CUP 2010 in Westerland on Sylt from July 21st to 25th.......( more )
Posted On:  19/06/2010 17:28:41
On the final day, the stewards could not vouch for the safety of surfers and cancelled the last race. The waves were high and, with winds over 20 knots, "extreme" was an understatement!  ......( more )
Results in at the end of day 4
Posted On:  18/06/2010 17:50:56
Program Saturday: Briefing at 11, start at 12.30  - Only the top 16 men will be on the water, wind forecast 25+ knots together with 4.5 meter waves!

Results Day 4

Posted On:  18/06/2010 11:31:52
The third day of the Slalom Championship was windy again. In the morning the wind shifted direction north, rose to over 20 knots and there was not a cloud in the sky.......( more )
Posted On:  17/06/2010 06:25:28
Julien Quentel (FRA 421) won the second elimination round to consolidate his claim for the Championship title.  The conditions were good yet the Frenchman still had waves to contend with which knocked back the speed.  Dutchman Peter Volwater (H24) was second and Pierre Mortefon from France third. ......( more )
EFPT Milos Beach Lefkada Vassiliki Festival
Posted On:  16/06/2010 08:42:13
The top 4 - Yarden Meir (Fanatic/Simmer Style), Nicolas Akgazciyan, Edvan Souza de Pedro (RRD/Simmer Style) and Steven van Broeckhoven (F2/Gaastra) - were given cups and medals as the party started with the result of the first double elimination from Vassiliki.  No further heats could be sailed on the second spot of the event as the wind did not last long enough to start the first heat.  Read more . . .   / Event Gallery / Results
Posted On:  16/06/2010 06:28:35
11 European countries are represented at the IFCA Championships taking place in Texel, joined by young Ethan Aldert Westera from Aruba and Jesper Orth from Australia.  Day one saw the completion of one full slalom for all fleets and heats 1-8 sailed for the men in the second slalom round.  ......( more )
Posted On:  10/06/2010 19:21:29
Six months since the World Ranking List was last published following the Brazilian Nationals in November 2009, sees the top three - Poltenstein, Doppenberg and Menegatti - remain firmly in place.  However, Andy Abendroth has shot up from 15th to 4th.  Check out the other movers and shakers
Posted On:  10/06/2010 10:38:34
43 competitors from 11 European countries have pre-registered for the Zwitserleven Texel European Championships which kicks off this weekend. Part of the Texel Sailing Week, which includes the "Round Texel" race (since 1978 the biggest catamaran race in the world with about 500 competitors), this is a huge event guaranteed to draw upwards of 25,000 spectators!......( more )
Posted On:  08/06/2010 07:28:08
Now in its fourth year the Vassiliki Watersports Festival is the biggest Festival of its kind in Greece. The Festival will be broadcast LIVE this year - you can even VOTE for your favourites! The event features the next leg of the EFPT - 11th to 14th June.

Posted On:  04/06/2010 12:31:04
After 5 days of competition, the International Long Wave championship event finished with great wind and good waves. This event was presented by Cementos Pacasmayo, Starboard, Mormaii, Severne Sails and El Faro Adventure Resort. There were more than 70 competitors registered for the event, most of them coming from Brazil, Chile, France, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.  And definitely, it was one of the most competitive events of this continent in recent years.......( more )
EFPT Sardinia on Fire!
Posted On:  31/05/2010 06:36:26
Prize giving ceremony at the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix. Steven van Broeckhoven on 1st, Davy Scheffers on 2nd, Nicolas Akgazciyan on 3rd (he also got a thousand euros for a double loop over the ramp) and Mattia Fabrizi on 4th place. The past days of the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix were really eventful - read all about it on efpt.net
Posted On:  30/05/2010 12:19:43
This year's wave bash at Pistol River State Park, on the south coast of Oregon, is sure to make a huge splash! There are 60 people currently registered. Only 40 spots left, so spread the word.

Posted On:  30/05/2010 12:03:35
". . . in accordance with the wishes of the Beverino family, to remember Davide who died last year on 26th of May, we organise 3-4 July, before FW European Festival - FE, FW Youth & FW Masters European Championships, an Event with Formula and Slalom competition. ......( more )
Posted On:  30/05/2010 11:08:31
Lefkada, a quintessential Greek island to the south east of Athens, is a magnet for windsurfers world wide who visit it for its beach scene, and quality windsurfing conditions.......( more )
Posted On:  29/05/2010 15:59:39
For the second consecutive year the circuit EFPT - European Freestyle Pro Tour returns to Sardinia, May 30-June 2 2010, the only Italian stop of the tour that brings together the best freestyle windsurfers in the old continent. All the top riders of the league have already confirmed their presence and will have to contend against fierce Italian patrol, led by Italian champion and local rider Stefanino LORIOL.......( more )
Posted On:  29/05/2010 10:21:40
The UK leg of the new kids Freestyle tour, which was to be hosted at Hove Lagoon over the weekend of 5th/6th June, will have to be re-scheduled.......( more )
1st Essaouira Wave Classic 2010
Posted On:  27/05/2010 12:19:03
After 3 rounds completed and 12 heats run in various wavesailing conditions, from moderate winds with medium size waves, and from strong winds to pure down the line surfsailing, the organization of this 1st "Essaouira Wave Classic 2010" is happy to announce the Full Results including - best team, best rider, best move, worst wipe out!  See latest video clip and Event website for all details.  See you for another great event in Morocco in 2011!
Posted On:  26/05/2010 10:39:11
Starboard, Mormaii, and Severne Sails present the International Long Wave Cup "Cementos Pacasmayo Classic", that will be held in Pacasmayo (PERU) from May 26 to May 30th. ......( more )
Posted On:  26/05/2010 10:01:45
The IFCA South American Wavesailing Championship will have this year 3 stops, the first one will be at Lobitos, Piura, Peru from July 20-24th. This spot have great windsurfing conditions with a solid tubular wave and strong winds mostly between 18-28 knots daily, plus great weather conditions. At this moment we have confirmed sailors from Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru and hope to see other ones joining soon.......( more )
EC Slalom at the Texel Sailing Week
Posted On:  24/05/2010 13:49:03
An event you should not miss!!!

The organisers of the Texel Sailing Week, which includes the "Round Texel" race (since 1978 the biggest catamaran race in the world with about 500 competitors from all over the world) decided last year to upgrade the catamaran event to a high performance sailing event which they want to organise annually.   Read More . . .

Kids Tour moves on to Hove in the UK
Posted On:  23/05/2010 12:28:29
The UK leg of the new kids Freestyle tour will be hosted at Hove Lagoon, near Brighton, over the weekend of 5th/6th June.  This will be the third event in the new series - the 2010 European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour.  Click here for full details.

Posted On:  23/05/2010 11:58:22
The second tour stop of the newly founded "European Freestyle ProKids Tour" took place on Fehmarn from 13th to 16th  May 2010.  Fehmarn offers the perfect spot for freestyle eliminations because of its great flat water area.......( more )
Posted On:  17/05/2010 07:15:38
Out of 1000, there were nearly 600 riders still ready to fight one last time on the water when the race director decided to cancel the sixth leg because of a north wind blowing at more than 50 knots.......( more )
Posted On:  16/05/2010 11:53:59
Last chance to claim your 20 euro discount on entry fees for the IFCA Slalom Europeans in Texel!  Register on-line via the IWA website.

With the slalom finals scheduled  for the same day as the famous Round Texel Race this is guaranteed to be a huge event.  To get a flavour of the type of windsurfing you can expect go and look at the photo galleries from 2009 - awesome!......( more )

Posted On:  13/05/2010 14:06:37
The European Freestyle ProKids Tour is a new initiative that starts this year with 6 events spread across Europe. The first stop of the tour was in Holland at the famous zeil en surf centrum Brouwersdam. ......( more )
Posted On:  13/05/2010 11:23:32
Sorobon Beach, Bonaire, in Dutch Antilles, will once again host the IFCA Youth Freestyle World Championship.  Scheduled to run from July 28th through to August 1st the event will also feature the IFCA Pro Kids and Junior Freestyle championships. ......( more )
Taty Frans wins PWA/EFPT Podersdorf Freestyle
Posted On:  10/05/2010 12:47:38
Getting up early paid off this time. The skippers meeting at 5.30 was followed by the First heat at 5.50am. 48 Registered riders fought their ways through the single elimination at the Surf Worldcup Podersdorf.  More . . .
Posted On:  10/05/2010 10:40:17
The Notice of Race for the Texel Slalom Grand Prix has been amended to clarify the status of the European Championships.......( more )
Five fast questions about Podersorf
Posted On:  29/04/2010 13:45:38
Podersdorf prepares itself for the PWA/EFPT Surfworldcup. At the moment the last screws on the food court called "Sonnendeck" get fastened, the windsurfing brands prepare their test gear for the hungry audience and the first PWA/EFPT sailors arrive on the beach. The EFPT asked event organiser Gerhard Polak and local competitor Alex Seyss five fast questions about this outstanding event.  Full report- http://efpt.net/newsdetails.php?n_id=370
Posted On:  23/04/2010 21:58:28
Following the announcement of the cancellation of the 2010 European Slalom Championship, class president Bruno de Wannemaeker acted quickly to conclude an agreement with the organisers of the Texel Slalom Grand Prix thereby securing a 2010 championships.......( more )
New look for EFPT
Posted On:  23/04/2010 21:44:36
Check out the new EFPT website on-line now:  http://www.efpt.net
Posted On:  23/04/2010 10:34:46
The double elimination had to be stopped halfway because of insufficient wind so the riders who were successful in the single elimination made it straight to the podium. ......( more )
Posted On:  19/04/2010 12:09:45
Unfortunately the organisers of the IFCA 2010 Slalom European Championships in Kiel/Schoenberger Strand have had no option but to withdraw their bid to host this event.......( more )
Posted On:  17/04/2010 11:22:25
The innovative Kids Freestyle Tour moves closer to the inaugural event of the series with the publication of the Notice of Race.  The European Freestyle Pro KIDS Tour (EFPKT) is the result of a collaboration between the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) and the European Freestyle ProTour (EKPT).  Six events are scheduled for 2010 and the series result will award the IFCA Junior and Youth European Freestyle titles.

Ruben Petrisie has been appointed as tour co-ordinator; and a tour website will go live very soon.

Posted On:  15/04/2010 16:50:53
Race Committee and competitors had become accustomed to the calm mornings, the wind flirting with them until lunchtime - but what a finish to a fantastic championship!......( more )
Posted On:  14/04/2010 19:55:19
A quiet start but the west wind rises slowly.  Although still a bit tight, the race committee is already on the water setting a slalom course in anticipation of a strengthening of the wind that is currently between 8 and 10 knots. On the beach, a sense of optimism as everyone prepares their equipment . . .......( more )
Posted On:  13/04/2010 19:22:41
As the first briefing took place the wind was light and the  forecast was not very optimistic for the day, although hope is reborn in Hyeres at least since gently flowing west is promised for tomorrow, Wednesday.  With the strengthening in heat, this should allow some racing. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/04/2010 19:19:12
With a rather pessimistic wind forecast for Tuesday onwards, the Race Committee intended to get in the maximumum amount of racing possible and at the scheduled start time of 11.00 it was looking good - 13 to 16 knots on the water.......( more )
Posted On:  12/04/2010 08:13:14
Serious business today with a wind from south-east expected to rise during the day to 25 knots although after the first briefing at 10am, with riders and organizers on standby for a first possible start at 11am, the wind was well oriented but painfully only 10 knots! ......( more )
Posted On:  10/04/2010 21:21:59
More than 120 competitors from 18 countries around the world have pre-entered for this event.  Whilst registration was going on many took the opportunity to test the water, although the wind was light and the water flat, watched by a good crowd enjoying the summer-like weather.......( more )
Excitement Builds - Just Two Days to Hyeres!!
Posted On:  08/04/2010 11:38:11
Wall to wall sunshine is predicted as competitors register this Saturday for the IFCA Slalom - Championnat Du Monde - in Hyeres.  With winds around 25-27 knots forecast for Sunday and Monday no wonder there is a last minute rush to enter!  Although 120 have already confirmed their places on the start line, Hyeres Windsurfing have extended their invitation to extra competitors to register on-line NOW!  Don't miss this fantastic event!!
Posted On:  07/04/2010 08:46:48
After 5 days of competition, months of preparation by the organization and the volunteers, the 2010 edition of the Curacao Challenge is over. The event had to deal some tough weather conditions making for some tough decisions throughout the week. But overall it was a great event with some huge talents competing and really showing their skills.......( more )
Posted On:  06/04/2010 08:18:00
After no racing on Sunday the expectations for Monday morning were high.  With winds picking up the surfers went out on the water.  Unfortunately the wind dropped again and kept shifting direction even during the two heats that actually started but were cancelled shortly after.......( more )
Posted On:  05/04/2010 08:54:17
Bonaire will host the 2010 IFCA Pro Kids, JUNIOR & YOUTH FREESTYLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at Sorbone Beach, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles from July 28th till August 1st. ......( more )
Posted On:  05/04/2010 08:04:34
The surfers went on the water twice but we had gusty winds with wind holes and a wrong wind direction so we couldn't make sure the buoys could be held in place.  Tough decisions for the Race Director but it was just not possible to have an official race.......( more )
Posted On:  04/04/2010 07:37:04
What a day, what a day. Just enough wind to get things started but the long distance race from Sea Aquarium Beach to Marriott Beach was a go. ......( more )
Posted On:  03/04/2010 00:00:00
With wind speeds around 17 knots the conditions on the Curacao ocean were pretty nice. A packed beach with spectators watched some close races. Curacao home turf proved decisive on the first day for the Open Class.......( more )
Just hours to go until the Curacao Challenge
Posted On:  30/03/2010 13:26:16
Racing begins this Friday!  Organisers are ready for the biggest extreme sports event on Curacao this year and especially ready to have a lot of fun and excitement!  Follow the action on the official event website:  http://www.curacaochallenge.com/
Posted On:  23/03/2010 14:34:52
In 2010, the Zwitserleven Sailing Week continues last year's high performance formula. This means that the island of Texel is the centre of exhilarating water sports from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 June. ......( more )
Posted On:  22/03/2010 13:46:41
We have taken the bold step of getting Britains most radical sailors to the gnarliest conditions by running a fun contest at ANY location and at ANY time. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/03/2010 11:39:51
The British Wave Sailing Association has launched their website with all the information you need about the 2010 Wave Tour.  ......( more )
EFPT Kids Calendar
Posted On:  07/03/2010 09:59:06
Dates for the EFPT Kids tour 2010 have now been finalised:

NED Brouwersdam 8-9 May
GER Fehmarn 13-16 May
GBR Hove Lagoon in Brighton 5-6 June
ITA Reggio Calabria Regatta 16-18 July
TUR Alacati 15-17 October
FRA Six Fours 11-15 November
Contact details available here - NOR Soon
Posted On:  02/03/2010 13:04:53
The 2010 Irish Slalom Series introductory clinics will take place across the country on Saturday March 6th.  All four members of the ISS Team will hold clinics in Cork, Donegal, Dublin and Galway.  ......( more )
Posted On:  18/02/2010 14:53:38
The second edition of the Fuerteventura Wave Classic is coming closer.  The event on Fuerteventura was the first ever "Wave Classic" event. ......( more )
Posted On:  16/02/2010 21:45:51
Once again, from March 1st to 12th, some of the best windsurfing wave riders in the world will be back on the north shore of Fuerteventura to take part in the 2nd edition of the FWC. ......( more )
Women in Windsurfing campaign
Posted On:  13/02/2010 14:20:32
IWA has now put in place a Women's section on the IWA website.  Help us to make this section grow by sending us your articles, photos and info to contribute to this area - e-mail - "To encourage, support and motivate women in windsurfing, improve their status and boost the participation of women (competing) in windsurfing worldwide."
Posted On:  13/02/2010 14:15:07
Blasting back and forth, checking your speed, racing your mates and trying to get round the corners fast, dry and looking cool!  Pure windsurfing fun no matter what level of ability you're at or what element of the sport you specialise in.  ......( more )
Interview with Jimmy Lewis by Erik Loots
Posted On:  13/02/2010 14:03:35
"Jimmy I would like to introduce your name to the new speedsurfing generation of the 21th century. I started speedsurfing in 2007 and heard your names a lot of times, so far I know you build some damn fast boards in the past."  Read full article and more on Erik's website - Speedsurfingblog where you will find more interviews with speed specialists, gear tests, and much more.
Posted On:  13/02/2010 13:58:35
Some great stories and photos revolving around the passion for windsurfing and BP sails:......( more )
Posted On:  09/02/2010 19:56:40
The Curacao Challenge is definitely the windsurfing competition you do not want to miss.  Come taste the wind, speed and Caribbean waters with us, you are hereby officially invited to the best windsurfing event of the year!  Competition is for surfers all levels - decide to do slalom, freestyle, or both!  But: limited entries, so be quick.
Posted On:  03/02/2010 18:02:15
The deep sea crossing between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique that used to attract riders such as Albeau, Territeheau or Josh Stone until 1996 is coming back under the name Red Bull Masters of the Caribbean! ......( more )
Posted On:  03/02/2010 17:48:29
A cooperation between IFCA and EFPT
Spread the EFPT freestyle judging and organization systems worldwide so that all MNA's will use the same standard for National and international races.......( more )
Posted On:  03/02/2010 17:37:33
From the 29th until the 30th of January the Vietnam Fun Cup took place at Jibe's Beach Club in Mui Ne, Vietnam.  The windsurfers could compete in three different classes: In the men amateur class, the women amateur class and for the first time in a professional class.......( more )
Posted On:  22/01/2010 09:32:56
The UKWA is pleased to announce that after extensive negotiations the UKWA and the BWA are joining forces to keep wave sailing at the cutting edge of extreme windsurfing in the uk.......( more )
Posted On:  22/01/2010 09:23:19
"We commonly know windsurfing wave contests in the individual form where each rider is in competition with another one in a 'man on man' duel. Most of the riders spend more time waiting for their heat on the beach, than being on the water surfing or jumping waves with their friends.......( more )
Posted On:  18/01/2010 10:57:01
The fourth round of the 09/10 WSA Tour kicks off this Thursday, 21 January, through until Sunday 24th. Based at Friday Island Guesthouse, Langebaan, Slalom will be run at Langebaan but Wave will be run wherever the best conditions on the day exist anywhere between Platboom and Swartriet. The Langebaan Downwind Dash is scheduled for Sat 23 Jan and will count towards the slalom event.  More on the WSA website
Posted On:  02/01/2010 12:38:41
We start a Women Windsurfing Campaign to boost the participation in, and promotion of, women's windsurfing! ......( more )
Posted On:  18/12/2009 12:21:24
The 2010 IFCA ProKids, Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships, organised by Hyeres Windsurf Organisation, will be held from 10th to 15th April in Almanarre, Hyeres, France. Notice of Race has now been published and on-line entry is open.

Special Offer for national junior teams!......( more )

Posted On:  14/12/2009 17:00:19
2010 will be the 25th Anniversary for the Lancelin Ocean Classic setting it up to be the biggest one in its long history. If you have not entered the world famous marathon before you are missing out on what many have said is a must do at least once in your windsurfing life. ......( more )
Posted On:  13/12/2009 08:49:08
Following on from the success of the 2009 Pro Kids World in Portopollo, Sardinia, IFCA are exploring the possibility of sanctioning a European Tour for 2010.  The idea originates from Italy, and is supported by the national windsurfing association.......( more )
Posted On:  08/12/2009 17:18:25
Due to unforseen circumstances the South American Freestyle Championships has been postponed. More details about the rescheduling will be posted as soon as they become available.

......( more )

Posted On:  06/12/2009 10:08:49
Alberto Menegatti's participation in the Brazilian Nationals in Canocin has propelled him up the leaderboard to third place.  Markus Poltenstein and Dirk Doppenberg still hold first and second.
Posted On:  25/11/2009 20:01:39
Markus Poltenstein from Austria heads the current Slalom World Ranking List with Dirk Doppenberg and Teade de Jong, both from the Netherlands, in second and third.
Posted On:  20/11/2009 15:52:30
Following discussions with all the ISAF windsurfing classes, it is our pleasure to announce that the Reach-4-The-Top Training Program initiative launched by the RS:X Class at the beginning of this year has evolved. ......( more )
Posted On:  15/11/2009 20:17:55
The European Freestyle Pro Tour 2009 was a bold statement. We travelled to new places, brought a lot of new people on the tour, celebrated one of the most dominant and at the same time charismatic sportsmen ever, and did all that in an experienced yet refreshingly new way . . . read more . . . see 2010 calendar
Posted On:  13/11/2009 13:15:10
For the second consecutive year, the minicipality presents the Brazilian Slalom Championships on 14/15 November at the mouth of the River Coreau.......( more )
Posted On:  29/10/2009 16:34:22
Waves here in Matanzas were good, about 1-2 meters most of the time and the wind going from 10-16 knots mostly.  It was really tricky to jump so most of the heats were dedicated to waveriding. ......( more )
Posted On:  13/10/2009 20:34:21
Top PWA and Formula windsurfing pro champion Gonzalo Costa-Hovel (ARG), 2009 IFCA youth world champion Enes Yilmazer (TUR) and Diego Domeniani (USA) took the top three IFCA places ......( more )
Posted On:  13/10/2009 20:07:40
On the 10th and 11th October at the yacht club Weiden, under supervision of Peter Wimmer and DI Karl Berger and their race crew, the Austrian Slalom and Formula Windsurfing Championships were organized.......( more )
Posted On:  13/10/2009 17:24:46
Day 4 on Naxos was not only the last day of the Rip Curl Prince of the Wind it was also the last day of the EFPT 2009,......( more )
Posted On:  09/10/2009 16:07:00
The second and final leg of the South American Wave Championships begins today in Matanzas, Chile. The event runs from 9th to 11th October.......( more )
2009 Austrian FW and Slalom Championship
Posted On:  21/09/2009 17:26:29
All are invited to come to this IFCA ranking event on 10/11 October at Yacht-Club Weiden, Austria - Notice of Race.  Just Eur 30 to pre-enter, or Eur 40 on the day.  E-Mail Enquiries
Posted On:  18/09/2009 19:25:58
The provisional calendar for 2010 has now been published.  If Countries are interested in joining
  •  the new Freestyle Pro Kids Tour they should apply to Bruno with a proposed date so we can finalize that calendar.
  •  the efpt tour they should apply to damike@efpt.net
  •  propose other events for 2010 and 2011 they should contact Bruno
Posted On:  08/09/2009 22:33:06
The Torbole Grand Prix, International and Slalom Windsurfing Race will take place the 12th and the 13th of September during the event "SURFESTIVAL TORBOLE 2009" . ......( more )
Posted On:  26/08/2009 11:42:01
Following the AGM decision, slalom world ranking system 2 has now been published along with the latest slalom ranking list.  A reminder to all affiliated associations to send us yearly the results of their nominated event or details of upcoming nominated events.
Posted On:  16/08/2009 21:06:51
Bernd Flessner and Maciek Rutkowski win Slalom European Master and Youth Champion Titles ......( more )
Posted On:  16/08/2009 20:54:47
International surfers show extraordinary slalom action ......( more )
Posted On:  13/08/2009 21:41:20
Perfect conditions allow exciting races in slalom ......( more )
Posted On:  13/08/2009 08:58:37
Bernd Flessner and William Alikiagalelei maintain their lead ......( more )
Posted On:  12/08/2009 10:04:00
Bernd Flessner wins first slalom elimination in the category Master, William Alihiagalelei wins in the Youth category......( more )
Posted On:  11/08/2009 14:33:11
Today the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master European Championship in Germany/Schoenberger Strand begins. The surfers will start in the categories Youth (under 20) and Master (over 35). Until Sunday the 63 registered surfers will compete for the title "IFCA Slalom European Champion" in the several categories.......( more )
Posted On:  04/08/2009 11:40:17
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on June 11th in De Koog (Texel), Netherlands have now been published.
Posted On:  03/08/2009 17:42:27
This year's "IFCA Slalom Youth & Master European Championship" will be held during the "Windsurf Festival Schoenberger Strand" near Kiel in Germany from August 11th to 16th 2009. More than 80 competitors from all over Europe are expected to take part in the categories Youth (U-20) and Master.......( more )
Countdown to IFCA Slalom Y&M Europeans
Posted On:  02/08/2009 17:08:14
Just one week to go until the start of the Youth and Masters European Championships in Kiel / Schoenberger Strand, Germany!  Click here for Notice of Race Appendices which include the schedule, travel and accommodation information.  The German Windsurf Cup kicks off on Friday prior to the European Championship event start on Tuesday 11th.
Posted On:  18/07/2009 07:57:45
Overall results day 5 (PDF-document)

Today was day 5, the final showdown of the 2009 IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom World Championships in sunny Bonaire. After a 10 AM skippers meeting the IFCA committee commenced racing at 11 AM sharp. The Masters Division was a highly competitive group of skilled athletes. Markus Poltenstein earned 1st place sailing for Austria. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/07/2009 11:41:22
Overall results day 4 (PDF-document)

What a difference a day makes. The sun was shining brightly and the winds were blowing creating a nice day of sailing. Heats were postponed when I left at 4:30, to change the course. The winds kept shifting creating some challenges the marks. Twice today the committee members moved buoys around. Luigi Romano, from Italy and Nicole Van de Velden, from Aruba both expressed frustration on the course. Nicole also had some gear issues impacting her heats.  The winds kept squirrelling around making it a challenge for riders and committe members. The IFCA officials did a great job running the heats for day 4.......( more )

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