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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2002 AGM


Held August 24, 2002 at Ostende, Belgium


Unable to attend were: Piotr Jankowiak, Kurt Svrcula, Hideki Miki, Steven Schrier.

2.  MINUTES OF THE 2000 A.G.M.

Adopted as read.

No business arising out of the 2000 AGM minutes.


President Bruno De Wannemaeker reported that the cancellation of the 2001 IFCA Worlds was due to the sudden announcement of an overlapping FW event with a large purse, after organizing and a contract for the IFCA Worlds had been made in South Africa.

Bruno also reported that plans for an IFCA Waves event involving a 3-year contract with organizers in Gordon Bay, Ireland had to be abandoned in the face of a threat by PWA to sue the organizer.

Bruno also pointed out that the present Worlds were a special case, inasmuch as the traditional slalom event had been put aside in favor of a two-discipline event: Formula and Freestyle.  The vote to do so however was very close, and the intention is to restore Slalom as a Worlds discipline in 2003.


Hon. Secretary John Darling reported that he was attempting to replace Steven Schrier in this post but that difficulties in distance (he being resident in Canada) and communications meant that some executive matters were not being attended to as quickly as desirable, but he assured the meeting that improvements would be made.

He also reported that contacts have been made with US Windsurfing with a view to holding a joint event in Canada in 2003 which could become an IFCA North Americans (held at CORK in Kingston with an IJ).  Americans participation would depend on as comprehensive as possible an event which would include non-Worlds raceboards event (also an important Eastern Canadian tradition) and a Prodigy fleet. 


Bruno reported on the reduction of the IFCA surplus since 1999, in tabling his printed statement, due to a 5,000 pound sterling startup payment to IWA in 2001, and the fact that IFCA no longer keeps event income which goes straight to IWA.  Bruno projected an approximate 7,000 Euro surplus balance at the end of 2002.

The report was adopted by consent of all present without a vote.


Bruno reported that the only election open at this time was for one male and one female sailor representative to the IFCA Executive.  It was agreed that volunteers would be sought by the end of the event. 

At the close of the meeting Lucy Horwood (GBR) volunteered to John Darling to become the Women Sailors' representative, and the next day Wojtek Brozowski (POL) in a discussion with John agreed to consider becoming the male representative. Nikolaj Kruppa (DEN) also volunteered for the job.


President Bruno de Wannemaeker gave this report spanning a 2-year period. The year 2000 saw IFCA founding and joining IWA under the initiative of Steven Schrier and with the support of ISAF. The IBSA classes, F42, Aloha and IFCA were the original members of IWA, and since then IMCO and MJOD have joined.  PWA also has a special membership status.

The intent was that IWA would take over the duties of the ISAF Windsurfing Committee.  However since then it appears ISAF has lost enthusiasm with IWA due to conflicts with several non-ifca class administrators (FW class) over organizational and financial matters. 

Bruno reported that the Formula Class has a problem inasmuch as no IFWC AGM has approved joining IWA to date, an action which might or might not happen soon at their 2002 Worlds in Sylt.

Bruno also pointed out that, with each class association having one vote, including PWA, and John Ellis as Treasurer for a total of 9 votes, what had been an organization founded by shortboard associations now well may become an organization dominated by longboard associations.  This could present a problem if the latter obtain a majority of votes of IWA, and decide to make IWA a "governing body" rather than what has been seen as, and operating as, a "co-ordinating body"  (to date Annie Smith has been running the central office very smoothly, but it is proposed that IWA hire a "general manager" to run the office.)  In fact, a majority vote has already decided to hire Rory Ramsden for the post. 

Ramsden is of course a full-time official of IMCO.  Bruno reported that an ally of Rory's, IWA secretary Ceri Williams, is already not properly consulting Bruno as IWA President, but unilaterally acting on his own on some IWA projects.  At the next IWA meeting in January 2003 a new president will be elected where the longboard associations will dominate the vote.  Therefore, both IFCA and IFWC are gravely concerned about the future direction of IWA and are warning their members that it may be necessary for IFCA and IFWC to withdraw from IWA.


Bruno reported that IFCA and IFWC are talking together about joint plans for a Worlds in 2003.  The joint Worlds would have IFCA titles for Freestyle and Waves, and IFWC titles for Formula and for Slalom.  They would be without prize money since we are taking the view that we are not the professional classes and that we race for titles, not for money.  "We are the amateur league, not the pro league" would be our philosophy.

Discussion on this item included the view of Matthias Regber that "slalom" is no longer a 'high wind' discipline being possible now with new gear in lower wind ranges. He added that the experience in Germany is the reality that the slalom fleet is not attracted to Formula which is in some decline this year; in order to maintain our event size it is necessary to win back the slalom racers to participation.

Discussion also on wind minimums being specified in the 2003 Worlds NOR.

Discussion on Formula equipment rules (whether the Formula class is going towards a 2-sail limit and/or a reduction in maximum sail sizes.

Discussion on whether IFCA should follow IFWC decisions on these questions; the decision being that for the present IFCA could decide or not, in future, to follow upcoming Formula decisions at its Worlds in Sylt. 


Adjournment at 10:16 PM. 

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