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Highlights of the Funboard Racing Championships, part of the Rollei Windsurf Cup

IFCA Worlds on the Move
Posted On:  08/05/2014 07:29:21

Day two started out as before with some clouds and a light breeze.  After the 9am skippers meeting the AP flag went up and competitors were on standby as the conditions turned into very tricky unstable winds that blew from 5 knots to 20 knots out on the course area.

Some competitors took their time to prepare their gear and most of them when out for a test run on their biggest sails. Several times the wind seemed to be kicking in but, it just would not cover the whole course area and even if it did, it did not last too long either.

The event's Principal Race Officer, Bruno de Wannemaeker, and the event organizer, Carlos Borges, took a rib drive around the point of the coastline and discovered that the wind and the sun were smiling and having fun around the corner at Porto Martines. The conditions looked more stable than the scheduled course area thus was a proposal made by the organizer to move the event area as from tomorrow to make the best out of the predicted forecast.

The event was called of in the afternoon while the conditions continued to be difficult and unstable here at Praia da Vitória.

What's happening tomorrow:

Big Trucks will be ready early in the morning to transport the competitors and their gear to another location nearby. A new course will be set at the new location and hopefully we can kick off with the first races of this event.


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26-31 August 2014
Bol, Brac Island, Dalmatia, Croatia

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