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IFCA Slalom World Championships Azores 2014
Posted On:  06/05/2014 17:34:07

The Opening Ceremony took place yesterday evening on the event site with some nice BBQ and music. A welcome word from the Mayor's representative followed by words from the events Principal Race Officer Bruno de Wannemaeker.

The Registration detail for the 2014 Azores IFCA Slalom Windsurfing World Championship shows 57 entries from 18 nations representing 3 continents.  The top five from the 2013 Worlds in Germany are here:  World Champion Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88) from Flensburg, Vincent Langer (GER-122) from Kiel, Dutchman Jordy Vonk, Sebastian Kornum from Denmark and Maciej Rutkowski from Poland. 

Maciej actually heads the IFCA World Slalom Ranking List which is a continuous system.  Every competitor can compete in as many events as he wants, his actual ranking position being based on the sum of the best 3 ranking points over the last 24 months.

We also have Italian Andrea Rosati here, winner of the title 2013 IFCA Masters Slalom World Champion in Turkey, and 2012 Slalom World Champion, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina, who has been competing in the Formula Windsurfing World Championships which preceeded this event in the Azores, along with several other "names" on the entry list.

To see what everyone is racing with, check the equipment list.

After the late registrations were done the first official skippers meeting was held today at 12:00.

The wind is very light and all competitors are on standby until further notice.  However,  Windguru suggests the wind strength will increase tomorrow and it's looking good for the rest of the week.

Stay Tuned for more!

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26-31 August 2014
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