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Congratulations Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88) - IFCA Slalom World Champion 2013 

Slalom Gives Way to Course Racing
Posted On:  12/05/2013 07:08:29

The fourth day of the event at the Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Westerland on Sylt started with 11-13 knots. This was enough for the race director to decide slalom would be the order of the day, especially as it was building and had reached 16-18 knots by the start of heat 1. 8 good heats were successfully in the bag - although three competitors were regretting jumping the gun in heat 6! - then adjustments were needed to the course before the start of heat 9, the quarter finals. Competitors returned to the beach, on standby.

After a suitable waiting period to see what the wind would do, a stubborn 10-12 knots on the course convinced the race director to make the decision to switch to course racing. Two more race wins for Vincent Langer (GER-122, Starboard, Severne) from Kiel means he is unchallenged after three races with the ideal score of 2.1. In second place Fernando Martinez del Cerro Delgado follows with 10.0 points and just one point behind is Matt Fabian.

Late in the afternoon the wind started to pick up and slalom competitors waited anxiously for rain and storm to pass before heat 9 was started early evening in 12-15 knots . . . but then cancelled.  A second attempt failed as the wind dropped below the limit and reluctantly competitors were sent back to the beach - "no more racing for today".

For the final competition day nobody knows with certainty whether there will be enough wind to complete the unfinished third slalom elimination, but for a few more races in the discipline of racing it should be enough. The winner of the Rollei Summer Openings presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be honored in the afternoon.

The date for the Rollei Summer Opening 2014 is already fixed: From 28 May to 1 June 2014 when again the top surfers at the Brandenburg Westerland beach can show their skills.

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