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EFPKT Brouwersdam - event report
Posted On:  13/05/2010 2:06:37 PM
The European Freestyle ProKids Tour is a new initiative that starts this year with 6 events spread across Europe. The first stop of the tour was in Holland at the famous zeil en surf centrum Brouwersdam.

The organisation was well prepared and welcomed the young riders on the 8th of May.

Light winds blew on the first day of the event. While the riders were waiting for the winds they took part in a low wind activity program which included a body slide contest and a SUP race all provided by the event organiser.

Later in that afternoon the wind picked up and the younger catogories were able to complete a double elimination with light wind freestyle manoeuvres. The U17 catogory had a fun race.

On the the second day the winds where still very light.

Competition started for the younger ones U13, U 15 and U17 who normally are able to sail in lighter winds, while the U20 were on standby untill 15:30 that afternoon.

Sadly the winds did not show up; the Open class and U20 age group had to be cancelled for this event.

Despite the light winds conditions we are proud to look back to a acomplished event, with results for the following catogories:

U 13 - Marco Xausa
U15 - Tim Ruyssenaars
U 17 - Rick Jendrusch
U 17 Girls - Babette Broeren

Full results and link to photo gallery will be published on the Tour website

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