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Production Board Registrations
Posted On:  2/2/2005 5:19:30 PM

New instructions have been published by ISAF for Production Board Registrations.

Representatives of IFCA sat down with ISAF officials to revise existing scheme - to update the requirements to meet modern production methods and encourage more brands to participate.

Comments Bruno de Wannemaeker, IFCA President: '"We believe this is a great step forward for competitive windsurfing and a welcome boost for the sport. Multi brand participation will ensure that IFCA can forge ahead with developing the disciplines of Freewave, Slalom and Speed."

The key changes are:  brands can register up to 5 boards (of different sizes) for each model range, for one fee; a range of boards can be registered at any time of the year, and be eligible for a championships 30 days later.

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