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FOLLOW the 2014 IFCA Slalom European Championships, 26-31 August, Bol, Croatia

A Well Deserved Closing Event for Two World Class Events
Posted On:  04/07/2014 14:53:09

The 10th Prokids Bonaire IFCA Championship 2014 started with a very enticing opening ceremony on June 25th and closed with a bang on June 29th. The final results were announced during the Award Ceremony where all the winners who competed in the Slalom and Freestyle disciplines were called on stage to receive their trophy, certificate and prizes. The other winners of Beach Soccer Veterans, Beach Soccer Youth and Beach Bolas also received their trophies and prizes on stage.

The MC for the evening was Mr. Gerrald Victorina the General Coordinator of the PWA Bonaire World Cup event and the 10th Prokids Bonaire IFCA Championship 2014 event that took place the entire week of June 20th till June 29th.

After the opening speeches from different guest speakers - President of Aqua Speed Elvis Martinus, IFCA Representative Ruben Petrisie and TCB General Manager Ethsel Pieternella - plus acknowledgments to all who contributed to the success of the events, the Award Ceremony began.

Afterwards the celebration went on with performances by the well known Janiro Eisden from the group Basic One together with Biggy Boy directly from Aruba and DJ Caliber from Curacao.

Despite the light winds we managed to compete every day, the first days were mostly focused on the slalom discipline due to a light forecast that eventually got better on the last 2 event days.

Slalom highlights:
In the U20 age group category Ethan Westera from Aruba owned every single slalom race showing that he has the best skills out there with best starts, board speed and jibes.

The U17 age group category was one of the exciting categories where Bonairian Gunter Laudurer   performed with great consistency by winning with all rounds with ease, except in one round where he failed to place first due to equipment failure.  Mark Tjon from Aruba played it safe and managed to slip in the top 3 finalist in every round giving the Caribbean star Jurgen Saragoza a hard time as he struggled in the light winds but was never far behind and earned a well deserved 3rd place in the overall rankings.

Alyssa Wijnand strong up and coming female competitor from Bonaire competed and won against the boys in the U13 age group category shows that she  is definitely one to keep an eye on in the near future.

Bonairian Jeankarl Rene Mayer kept his family name in the lights in the youngest age category the U 9, the son of one of Bonaire's second generation of pro windsurfers Ronald Mayer, also known to many as "Ro", a great local instructor who eventually is the younger brother of Bonaire's windsurfing golden age talents Leo Mayer.

Freestyle Highlights:
In the U17 age group category Mr.Johnny Yagen from Israel who visited the island for the first time sailed well and strong, pulling off some new school freestyle tricks but failed to qualify for the final in the double elimination whereas 2 of his best tricks were accomplished outside the marked competition area  against Bonairian Quincy Marchena who performed a variety of maneuvers inside the box " a close call in the end". The winner Gustowski Stepherd also from Bonaire definitely sailed on a different level compared to his opponents, his great fluent style and energy separated him from the others.

Kenroy Francisca from Curacao came out of nowhere to the top of the rankings in the single elimination. In the double elimination the Arubian Ethan Westera proved that he is not only good in the slalom discipline but also performed with great skills in the freestyle battles and even winning the event title after a super final was sailed of between the two.

The final event results results below:

We would like to thank the entire community of Bonaire and other visitors who came to Sorobon and cheered for the participants in all the different sports the entire week. We would also like to thank all our sponsors for their support and contribution once again for making the event such a successful one. Thanks to: MCB Bonaire NV, TCB, Government of Bonaire, Budget Car Rental, ‘Fundashon Wega di Number’, TELBO, ENNIA, ‘Krioyo Paint’, Obersi Group, Budget Marine, Hitess Bonaire, Don Andres, Akkermans Auto Supplies, STINAPA, Gio’s Gelateria & Café, Cactus Accounting, Flamingo TV, Bonaire Windsurf Place, ClickPrint Aruba, Caterpilar, Selibon, Indebon, Kite City, Bonaire Container Services and Starboard. 

Visit our website http://www.prokidsfreestyle.com/ and our Facebook Page: Prokids Windsurfing Bonaire for pictures of the events.


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26-31 August 2014
Bol, Brac Island, Dalmatia, Croatia

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