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A Hot Day in Roses
Posted On:  21/06/2014 12:26:04

Just like yesterday the thermal wind slowly built up after mid day, just a bit later this time.  Wind measurements were 11 to 15 knots in the beginning. A few cancellations took place in the Masters Gold and Silver fleet due to unstable winds at the buoys. After a short break the conditions quickly improved with gusts up to 20 knots later in the afternoon and the elimination rounds could finally continue in full swing for the Masters and Youths.

Some words from the winner of the second elimination of the Masters Gunnar Asmussen GER-88:

"The first elimination didn't go so well for me as the winds were light, I guess it was just bad luck.  Today there was better wind and great racing conditions for at least an hour or so.

I was leading the first heat today but it got cancelled and at the re-sail there was just too light winds at the start. I need more wind then everything is OK. It's like a holiday for me here in Roses, I love this place and the love is in the air. I hope tomorrow we get the same wind strengths but I believe I can still do OK even in light winds, its just all about the starts and here it's very tricky, once you are upfront you would probably do just fine.

I would like to thank the event water crew for their great job today. Now after a long day I am going out to train some formula sailing to prepare for serious battles in the up coming races back at home (large smile)

My equipment set up today: 9.6 North Sails Warp on a Patrik Diethelm Board 135 and a 45cm fin."

Todays Youths Highlights:
Team Curacao celebrates a great day

Youth & Junior Competitors Jean Patrick Van der Wolde CUR-191, Milan Gieling CUR-28 and Aron Etmon CUR-2 had great competition vibes today and all qualify for the Gold Fleet.

The Other youngsters Jean Paul Da Silva de Goes CUR-914, Oscar Etmon CUR-21 and Stefan de Bell CUR-87 are happy with their performance in their age group categories.

Some words from Aron Etmon CUR-2:

"Today I felt better and sailed better because I like strong winds more.  I felt like Bjorn Dunckerbeck today passing my opponents on the first reach as I am a bit bigger then the others. Congrats to Jean Patrick who also did well today and I surely look forward to sailing in the Gold Fleet tomorrow as I am aiming for a top 3 position.

My equipment set up today: 8.6 Severne Sails Reflex 5 on a Starboard I Sonic 117 with a 42cm Zfin"

In the late afternoon the wind slowly started to drop down to 8-10 knots which made it difficult for the races to continue. The Masters heat 5 and 6 from elimination #3 and the final rounds for the Youths Gold and Silver Fleet could not be sailed today but are the first heats scheduled for tomorrow the final day of the IFCA Slalom Y&M World Championships here in Spain, Roses.

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26-31 August 2014
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